Xbox One Skyrim Edition

On eBay there is a special Xbox One for sale to help raise funds for a special someone who is very ill.


This Xbox One Skyrim Edition where 20 made in the world. and this is a one of a kind because it's signed by Todd Howard (Game Developer within the Fallout and The Elder Scrolls series)

He also signed the Skyrim game that came with it.


Any money this item makes will go towards making my wifes dream come true before she is
too ill, any money above and beyond looking after Paola will be split between three of 
her favourite charities Animal Lifeline UK, Wildlife SOS and Vet Ranch.
For anyone who wants to know more about Paola's illness, how this all came about or
to donate here is the link.

Bethesda themselves gave this system to the seller adamantium to help raising money for his ill wife. We hope she and her family will be healthy soon!


The auction is on ebay :



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    Josh stouffer (Wednesday, 10 May 2017 21:24)

    I hope this man makes his wife's dreams come true before she passes. Great job to for helping spread the word for this man. God bless everyone