Pepsi's Xbox Prizes, Mountain Dew and the Hulk The numbers!

So, we have some very exiting news!


We have a confirmation of the true numbers of those 2 amazing Xbox systems the Mountain Dew and the Hulk Xbox! Not much is known, but we did some research, and also heard the story from the owners. everything matches perfectly!

Lets get started!:

The Mountain Dew Limited Edition Xbox was only available through a Mountain Dew sweepstakes requiring loyal Dew-drinking Xbox fans to amass 550 points in order to "buy" the Limited Edition Xbox. The sweepstakes spanned 5 months – from April to August 2004. Production was limited to 5000 units. Within 1 day all systems were reserved

And then... Back in 2003..  PepsiCo had an promotion to give away with there Mountain Dew drink, that they where on sale in stores for 99 cents in the US


Every can or bottle you could buy you had a chance of owning one of of the 99 Mountain edition Xbox systems that was made by Pepsi. 

The Xbox was put in a normal box and came with a normal black s controller.


so the number of units giveaway is 5099.

Pepsi was done giving away the Mountain Dew units, and even had a 36 systems left! They didn`t know what to do,  until the movie The Hulk was going to be released in cinemas in June that same year!


Pepsi was contacting Ciniplex in UK right before the Hulk movie came out. there were 17  Ciniplex cenimas in the country and in each one you could win 1 unit by ordering a Popcorn and a Pepsi. With each order You would get a card. on that card where you could put your name/address/etc on it. you put that card in a large bowl near the system where was displayed to participate, and the winner would be pulled out.


The Xbox systems where given away in a normal classic black box and a normal black s controller


While 17 where given out in Ciniplex, the other where to the US to have a contest there, we are still invesigating which contest it was.


Units give away: 17 in Europe, 17 in North America!

want to know how many Xbox systems there are?


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  • #1

    Juan (Friday, 21 July 2017 06:41)

    Hi, this number is highly unlikely, that might be one of the giveaways, but the number is actually in the thousands.
    Just on EBay there are 7, 20 sold, on my group of collectors 5 friends and at least another 10 poped in collections around fb, my 3 fav retro stores have 1 each.
    Even in Venezuela I know guys that hav it.
    Why would you say it was 135?
    At one point even more than 50 were on eBay around 2007... I know because I followed the listing when I bought one.

  • #2

    Consolevariations.som (Friday, 21 July 2017 07:24)

    @Juan you are right =) we had another look and we 'forgot' to add the main part. Sorry for the confusion!

  • #3

    Juan (Friday, 21 July 2017 11:48)

    No problem glad to help! XD

  • #4

    Anonymous (Monday, 27 August 2018 09:58)

    The Microsoft employee that made the orange halo special edition console said they only made about 800-1000 of the mountain dew limited editions..tired of seeing everywhere it was 5,000 plus, and seeing as this is a reputable site I figured you could update it. They mention it in the comment section of metaljesusrocks video on the ultra rare Xbox