Now on CV! Xbox One S, Xbox One X, PS4 Slim and PS4 pro variations!

We have something exiting for you now! Every day we get new consoles and controllers on the site, so we have to change some things around! We had over 150 Ps4 and Xbox One console variations in total. and to have them all piled up is not really that helpful when finding the right console.. So!..

Due high demand we made a few changes in our Sony and Microsoft page!


On the Microsoft page, we have added the following:


Xbox One S:

Xbox One S Console Variations

Xbox One S Controller Variations

Xbox One S Packaging Variations


Xbox One X:

Xbox One X Console Variations

Xbox One X Controller Variations

Xbox One X Packaging Variations


and from Sony we have:


PlayStation 4 Slim:

PlayStation 4 Slim Console Variations

PlayStation 4 Slim Controller Variations

PlayStation 4 Slim Packaging Variations


PlayStation 4 Pro:

PlayStation 4 Pro Console Variations

PlayStation 4 Pro Controller Variations

PlayStation 4 Pro Packaging Variations


The Controller variation page are ONLY the newer models controllers released by Sony and Microsoft


Be sure to check them all out! any questions, suggestions, mistakes, or do you have consoles we don`t have on the site? Submit them to us on our 'Help Us' page! And be on our Special Thanks page!


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