The Xbox One: Rise of Tomb Raider Edition

Rise of The Tomb Raider launched November 10th  2015 and  the Square Enix Online Store had a sweepstakes to win a one of a kind custom crafted Xbox One console!

How to have entered? If you've already ordered our Rise of the Tomb Raider Collector's Edition from the official Square Enix Online Store, then you'll be automatically entered!

There where some complains during this sweepstakes, not that you only had a chance to win it by buying the Collector's Edition, but the big reason was that you had to purchase an Xbox One Game.. to win an Xbox One .. this means that there was a very high chance that the winner of this sweepstakes had an Xbox One system already!


More pictures of the system are below

Thanks to this Xbox One we have 87 different Xbox One Variations! (and we are not even talking about the Xbox one S and Xbox one X!) Check them all out right here on Consolevariations

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