Happy Birthday Mario Kart! Here are all the nice bundles out there

Mario Kart has turned 21 today! (or yesterday) so we are celebrating it!


Mario Kart had in the course of 21 years several bundles around the world! 

Lets review them from the SNES to the Switch! handhelds will come later!


Super Nintendo

In Europe, there was a bundle with Super Mario Kart! The box was released in France, and it's quite rare as well! this beautiful box was bundled with ... and ofcourse the game.

North America also had a bundle with Super Mario Kart but it was a small sticker saying that the game was inside.


Nintendo 64

This box is not common at all! and it was released in only one country, in Sweden!

The box contains one controller, Super Mario 64  and the Mario Kart 64 Game.

it's a shame and a mystery that this bundle was not released anywhere else.


Nintendo Gamecube

Not the most common bundle, but it was released everywhere except Japan, On the left there is the North American version and on the right the European version, there is also another bundle that looks very pretty but we don`t have permission to show you this picture (yet! ;) )


Nintendo wii

high likely the most common bundle that was released, it was the first Mario Kart game with Motion control, so Nintendo wanted to show that to include a steering wheel with every bundle of Mario Kart Wii. The game also required the Wii Motion Plus, so this was included as well. this bundle was so popular that they even made a bundle with the Wii Mini


Nintendo Wii U

Mario Kart 8, still popular till this day! This bundle was released world wide in any store.  not much to say about it other then Mario kart 8 was one of the most sold games

for the Wii U


Nintendo Switch

Points if you have see this bundle! It was only available in Russia, noone knows why this colorful bundle was released only in the Russian countries.  We have seen these consoles in real life. so we are posting both the 'leaked' and the 'retail' version of the console.  if someone could give us any leads to pictures it is welcome ! :)


All the other variations packaging variations or more bundled are to be seen in our

Nintendo Variation page!


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