Hunting the Hyundai Comboy 64 in Korea!

So here is the back story: The N64 Hyundai Comboy was only released in South-Korea and is one of the most exotic N64 consoles out there. At the time of the N64’s release Nintendo had no distributing rights in Korea. So they used the company “Hyundai” to make a kind of shadow release of the console and in the process had to give it a different name.


However, the import ban was lifted really shortly after the release and all further sold N64’s in Korea were the normal Japanese version with a selection of Korean language games. This insanely short market appearance makes this console not only very exotic but also incredibly rare.


So we flew to Korea to find one

We had no idea how hard it was going to be to even find a single N64 console, no matter which version. Retro gear is not nearly as common here as in Japan. In the end we got a tip and walked into the basement of a used electronics market. We could not believe our eyes how many consoles they had stacked there.


It took forever to search for it in the massive stacks of consoles they had in that basement. A collectors dream! There were many kinds of consoles but regarding N64 they only had the Japanese version. Needless to say we did not give up and after some talking and digging we actually found a single one in the entire bulk. Can you see it in the picture already? It is sitting right there, here is a close up :)


Of course were so exited to find it and kinda thought we would just take it with us, but unfortunately luck was only on our side for a few minutes. The seller was a kind Korean guy and explained he would never sell it because it is part of his personal collection. There is a lot of pride connected to the Comboy since it is from his home country he said and they know about its rarity. So we were left with the option to take a Japanese one. In our frustration we even offered 1000 Dollars but in the end we had to leave with out the legendary “Hyundai Comboy 64”

Sure we were disappointed but sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. Every collector knows this hard rule by heart. I could say that the trip was pointless but to be quite honest the console did not bother us in the slightest anymore as soon as we left the retro market because Korea is so fu**in great and we spent 8 awesome days there.


After returning back home empty handed but full of memories one of our friends in France and long term Korea traveler heard about our adventure and contacted us. He said that he has one he brought back almost a decade ago. And it even included the red controller!!! As far as we know this was the only color released there and the box has yet to be discovered if there even is one.


So we can proudly present these nice pictures to you now. Can't believe we really got lucky with this console after all in the end. One of the few ones out there. Enjoy!

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    VKRKO (Friday, 02 February 2018 14:30)

    Impressed! I live in Korea and retro game lover.
    all of your progress are great.
    Thank you for great archive of gaming history.
    Hope you guys come Korea again someday :)

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    Aeka (Tuesday, 29 January 2019 01:13)

    Ive been to that same guy, he never sells any consoles at all. I located a Samsung Saturn and he wasnt selling either lol.