A New Xbox One On The Site! Now Even With A Video!

on March 8 2017, Microsoft UK posted a post on Facebook that you could win a unique Xbox one from the game, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game!

What you had to do to win this console, no worries, we got this covered!


On the Facebook link, you had to create your own Gwent Wild Card to participate the giveaway!

you did not had to be an pro artist to make a card, on the link Microsoft gave had all the instructions!


First off, when you clicked the link you get to this page below:


After clicking on "Start Quiz" you had a few 'what would you do if' questions, and based on your personal answers you had your own Gwent Wild Card! Ofcourse we made our own as well below.


Looks good right?! So when participating, download the card and comment that card on the Xbox UK Facebook page and a random card was picked out to win this unique console! Later another card was picked and that person received the Gwent controller!


Below we have a video of how the console looks like. it's actually quite amazing looking!


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