The Legend of Zelda series are turning 31 today!

is turning 31 today!



To celebreate this 31st anniversary, lets pick out the 10 best looking box variations that was bundled with, the Legend of Zelda!

10: Super Nes Control Deck Zelda Bundle

This console was only released in the US, the normal SNES console had the same sticker as well.  Because it only has a sticker of The Legend of Zelda, it has the 10th place!



9: GameCube Zelda Wind Waker Pak

Here are 2 bundles! from the Legend of Zelda Wind Waker.. It depends on region,

some has "Limited Edition Pak" and some others has "PAK" written on it.  

so .. yeah this is why we included both of them on the 9th place!



8: N64 Ocatina of Time Club Nintendo Offer

Now.. before you get mad at us putting this on 8th place, let us explain why! We know that there is a very big link on the box that we all like and love, other than that, the console has no details that are Zelda related other than that it's green. the 'club' number is also on the front together with the Nintendo Expert picture with phone number.  This is why it's on the 8th place!



7: Wii U Zelda Wind Waker HD Pak

This was the first console that had a theme of zelda that was released on the launch date of the actual system! Unfortunately only the Wii U Game Pad has a Zelda theme, the console was just black! 

Other than that we like it that the Wii U bundle has some nice details in the background.



6: Game Boy Zelda + Tetris Bundle

Now this, is a cool pak! almost the whole island of Link's Awakeaning is visible on the picture with  a  horizon, sea and tough looking link on front. Meanwhile Tetris also wants to let us know it is there as well so that is the game you see on the Gameboy!


5: Nintendo 3DS XL Link Between Worlds

One of the smarter designs is that they also show the bottom of the console on the box, resembling the  Triforce logo of Link Between Worlds,  the calm looking back ground with the Master Sword was a very cool choice of Nintendo to have that set at back ground.



4: Nintendo 2DS Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D

Unexpectedly this came in 2017, with one of the most confusing bundled "Nintendo 2DS with a 3D game that is not 3D" but let's look at the box instead.  One of the most iconic pictures of Link back in the N64 time,  and on the background a nice view over Death Mountain if you look closely you also see that the 2DS is behind Link!  it's just cool!



3: GBA SP Zelda Limited Edition Pak

Back in the 00's and before, every console that was gold, was known to be a Zelda themed console,

this console was the first zelda-themes console there is! Ofcourse, it had to be gold.

Nintendo clearly made this for the golden-console-fans,   the box itself has minimum print, except a golden triforce. It shows style!



2: 3DS The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary

Who does not remember one of the most wanted consoles, the 3DS Zelda 25th anniversary console.

In some countries the box looks very different from each other but we think this is the best looking version. So the background is totally black, on the cover there is the 3DS pictured with very little glow on the back, the most striking part of the box is the Zelda 25th anniversary logo. It's shaped like a shield and the logo is engraved in gold color.. those details make this console pretty unique and very modern.



Honorable Mention: NEW Nintendo 3DS LL/XL Hyrule Edition

Like always we have an honorable mention, we were in doubt if we should pick the

Majora's Mask 3DS XL, or the Hyrule Edition 3DS XL.. so we picked for the Hyrule edition, just look at the small details on the box and the fancy golden font!

1: Nintendo 64 Zelda Pak

If you know it, this might not come as a surprise! This is the N64 Zelda Pak, when Ocarina of Time was released, and you already had an N64 in your home, and then you saw this box in store, I bet you were buying it as well! this box ressembles the 'less is more' concept just a giant golden lofo of Ocarina of Time. and on the right what is included.  (even a pin!) This pak was unfortunately only available in the Scandinavian regions!




I hope you liked our list, if you have any improvements/adjustments or if you agree with us, let us know and we can t wait also to read your opinions!

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