The Collectors:


A True collector who knows her stuff!

Brandi is collecting for only 3 years and has some amazing holy grails! Her favorite consoles is the Nintendo 64. Click on the picture to see more!


A console and game collector who collects Sega, Amiga and Atari consoles. He has a full Game Gear Set and owns a big group on Social Media!

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Dennis (L1te)

Dennis is a collector who collects everything that he watched when he was young! From Power Rangers to Consoles and games. Dennis has an amazing playable setup and even has 2 gaming rooms! Click on the picture to see more!

Don (Vinyl)

is a Nintendo Console Collector who collects all the Nintendo Consoles from the 16 bit era until now, he has a full Nintendo 64, N64DD and GameCube set, and his favorite item is the Xbox One Rare Edition. Click on the picture to see more!

JM (PokeManiak)

JM Is a massive Pokemon Collector collecting everything has has Pokemon on it! He has one of the rarest systems in the world and every item he owns has a story behind it, JM is collecting for 8 full years and has over 100 boxed Pokemon consoles! Click on the picture to see more!


Maybe the biggest fan of our site! Josh is collecting for 24 whole years! His goal is to be in the Guinness world record for having most games! Due medical circumstances he unfortunately had to sell his collection,  but he does not give up to reach his goal! Click on the picture to see more!

Matt (NeXmetal)

Are you a fan of the Game Boy Pocket? Then You would love Matt's his collection! He collects only 2 years and already managed to get almost all the pocket variations there are! He loves the promotional systems that where never for sale in stores! Click on the picture to see more!

Matthijs (Mattie)

Mattie is collecting everything! From Star Wars to Dragon Ball Z, hes collection is expending every week and he has it's own arcade machine!

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