Chris his Collection


(nick-)Name: Chris

Country: United Kingdom

Years collecting: 31


When did you started collecting:

Chris: 1985 when my dad bought an Atari 2600 and Commodore Plus 4.



How did you got the idea to collect video games/consoles:

Chris: I got the idea to collect video games because you never had Everdrive or gotek rom drives in the 1990s. The best years were late 1990s when buying stuff from boot fairs.


Consolevariations: Those are really good deals! Anything good find on the boot fairs?


Chris: Best buy Agony on Amiga for £5. Now worth £150 on eBay. I bought Turrican 3 on Amiga at a local games shop in 1993 brand new for £15. Now worth over £100. I started collecting Sega game gear in 1991 and it just kept on growing.


What is your ultimate holy grail in your collection:

Chris: Superman Classic Sega Game Gear. The Classic re-release version. Only seen 6 in existence.  I am lucky to own one.


Consolevariations: That sounds amazing! 6 of them are not a lot! Epic! How did you get it?


Chris: I got it off ebay in spain for €60. Brand new too. A lot of Jealous collectors



What is your personal favorite item in your collection:

Chris: My favorite collection would be Commodore Amiga and Sega Game Gear.


Consolevariations:  WOW That is epic! Why are those your favorite items?


Chris: It reminds me of my childhood. Especially Dungeon Master on A500 Amiga. Lost hours to this with my Father and brother.


Photo Gallery:

and the last question:

How did you got the idea to host a large Facebook Group:


The Sega Atari commodore Nintendo group was started up because a Japanese guy wanted his white game gear repaired. Once repaired had no means of sending video as too big. So made a group and started from there

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