Dennis's Collection


(nick-)Name: (L1te)Dennis

Country: Netherlands

Years Collecting: Since 2012


When did you started collecting:

Dennis: When I wanted to play a game a friend owned in the passed. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the fighting edition. Still my personal favorite on the SNES!


 How did you got the idea to collect video games/consoles:

Dennis: When I was searching for the Power Ranger game for the SNES I came across a lot of games that I owned in the past and made me wanna play them all over again!

What is your ultimate holy grail in your collection:

Dennis: Don't really know I don't really have something amazingly expansive in my collection. But if I have to guess I think it's the boxed Atari Jaguar or boxed Pokemon n64.I see the value growing in the last few years.


Consolevariations: Those are amazing systems! if I may ask, how did you get them?


Dennis: The N64 I bought on an retro sales market, it was the also first time where I actually sold some of my games/consoles as well. I sold many many things that day . the Jaguar console and a load of games I bought it off a friend for the minimum price.

What is your personal favorite item in your collection:

Dennis: Can't decide! Mint boxed Pokemon Yellow/Digimon world 2003 For the PS1 and gears of War games!


consolevariations: Pokemon Yellow and Digimon World 2003 are awesome! Why are those your favorite items in your collection?


Dennis: Pokemon Yellow because it was my first Pokemon game ever! and Digimon world 2003 Have you played it and watched the show? It sucked you right in the game! And the gears of War games, never have I felt this thrilled during a game


Photo Gallery:

Do you have any website/Facebook group/page or something you would like to share?
Dennis: Yeah I do! It's a Facebook page for all gamers and collectors! It's called games and consoles proud to have it. Here people can show off their collection and new arrivals. Trades and give aways.

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