Don's Collection


(nick-)Name: Don

Country: Netherlands

Years collecting: Since 2013


When did you start collecting:

Don: I start collecting Consoles in 2013, due lack of space I switched to Nintendo consoles only.


 How did you get the idea to collect video games/consoles?

Don: I was in Vienna to clear my head and to play a Dancing Arcade game. When we head to the flee market I got a Game Boy Color Pikachu Edition and an Atari 2600, then i snapped and started to 'migrate' from collecting Anime/Japanese culture to Consoles.. At the end of 2013 I decided to collect Nintendo consoles instead, my history is in there and it was more known for me.

What is your ultimate holy grail in your collection:

Don: My ultimate holy grail is a New* Nintendo 3DS LL Puzzles and Dragons International Championships Edition, there are 4 made and it was a prize for the Puzzle and Dragons Mario Edition game.  The one I have is never used.  There is also an Nintendo 64 ANA Edition with a shipping box that I have in my collection.


Consolevariations: That is awesome! if we may ask, how did you get it?


Don: It was a random auction I saw, I had never seen it before until I did some research. and lucky for me I had the winning bid! The ANA N64 I got in an auction as well, but the auction never stated or showed, that shipping box!

What is your personal favorite item in your collection:

Don:  Ouch, where to start... There are 2 of them There is this Xbox One Rare LTD Edition which I Adore, I was a fan of it when I first saw it on Gamescom 2015. and I have a Virtual Boy Kiosk which is the most amazing kiosk there is I also have a special feeling for the N64DD Randnet service, my goal is to own every single item of it!


Consolevariations: That Xbox is pretty rare!  how lucky where you when you obtained one! and why the N64DD?


Don: Extremely lucky! A friend of mine linked it to a social media page, I got the system that was from the original Facebook Christmas giveaway, About the N64DD it was a clever service, it's rare to collect and it's mysterious! it makes collecting fun and challenging, when still not everything is discovered.


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Comments: 3
  • #1

    Tanner Carden (Monday, 21 January 2019 12:58)

    love your collection! I'm an expat living in the NL. Looking to get into collecting someday when I have the cash.

  • #2

    Daniele Herbert (Monday, 28 January 2019 13:33)

    Hi, I have an original unopened Nes dual controller edition, I'm looking into the value of this item
    Thank you

  • #3

    Don (Monday, 28 January 2019 14:07)

    Thanks Tanner for the Positive comment Tanner! Show me your collection when you have time :)

    @ Daniele, I`m sorry but I don`t do valuation for items, you have to find out yourself :)