JM's Collection

(nick-)Name: Pokemaniak (JM)
Country: France
Years collecting:  8 years


When did you started collecting:

JM: Well, at first I didn't want to collect consoles or anything. I've always been a Pokemon fan since the beginning , following the news about Pokemon and I didn't know the existence about GBA SP limited editions or anything else^^.


Consolevariations: That is an amazing story! So how did you found out about the limited edition consoles?

JM: I started to dig on internet but internet wasn't very popular 8 years ago, very slow and I didn't have internet at home .

 How did you got the idea to collect video games/consoles:
JM: I've found many small and official pictures about GBA SP Venusaur or Charizard or GBA Latios, I've been impressed and then I've found a website called "limited edition forum" a french website.
I started to talk with amazing people like "Kaori30" , "Eggbor" etc... , and I realized that those GBA SP limited Japanese Pokemon or DS Lite weren't a dream and could be possible to get!


Consolevariations: That sounds awesome! do when you knew all this, what did you do when you knew about this?

JM: So after finished school I started to work and have bought a DS Lite Diamond and Pearl from Japan and here I am .. I now have over 100 bundled Pokémon systems and limited edition Pokemon consoles!

What is your ultimate holy grail in your collection:

JM: Well , I guess it's my Nintendo 3DS LL Pokemon Trozei Japanese white system and the Nintendo 3DS LL CoroCoro Black system, 4 and 5 made in the world!^^


Consolevariations: oh geez! That is very limited! We don`t have to ask why those is your holy grail right?


JM: This was my last opportunity in my entire life I guess ^^ , so thanks to my friends I won that auction and spent more than 2500euros on it! the black one I brought resently for less then a fourth of that price!

What is your personal favorite item in your collection:

JM: This has to the the Pokemon Cardgame Tournament consoles. The Nintendo DS Lite from 2008, the Nintendo DSi from 2009 and the Nintendo DSi LL from 2010!


consolevariations: those are indeed very awesome items! out of all these items, why are they your favorite?


JM: from the start I've been a fan of these consoles and I am really proud to own them all now,


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Do you have any website/Facebook or something you would like to share?

my facebook page :
my instagram : pokemaniak collection
my twitter : @pokemaniakcolle

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