Josh's Collection


(nick-)Name: Josh Stouffer
Country: United States
Years collecting: 24 years


When did you started collecting:

Josh: I started collecting when I got my first Super Nintendo when they came out. I had to sell my collection due to being diagnosed with gastro esophageal junction cancer. I have started collecting again but nowhere near where I was.


Consolevariations: That is absolutely horrible, We do appreciate beeing a support of our site! How are you doing right now? We hope you are doing alright!


Josh: My medical situation is I'm still battling stage 2 gastro esophageal junction cancer


consolevariations: If you need anything, we are here for yah!

 How did you got the idea to collect video games/consoles:

Josh: I just enjoyed playing all the different types, and once I realized that there was a Super Mario World for the SNES and the Super Famicom, I was addicted.

What is your ultimate holy grail in your collection:

Josh: my ultimate holy grail is my original goal. I'm going after the Guinness world record for most games.


consolevariations: That is one amazing goal! How did you get that idea and when can we expect you in there?


Josh: my passion for games goes very far. I appreciate the effort, the time and all the hours it takes to make one single game, which I feel makes me love playing them more. Well the record is around 17,000 games, I was right at 11,000 when my diagnosis happened. I'm down to 348 now. So it won't be anytime soon

What is your personal favorite item in your collection:

Josh: my favorite item is my blue game gear


Consolevariations: Blue Game Gear ? That is something! Could you tell us why?


Josh:  it reminds me of when I was younger and I would have the TV adapter so I would be watching tv EVERYWHERE!

Photo Gallery:

Do you have any website/Facebook group/page or something you would like to share?

I started a Facebook page for while I'm in the hospital about games and news. Please feel free to give the page a like if you enjoy information and fun facts about games and if your a gamer


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