Matt's Collection


(nick-)Name: (NeXmetal) Matt Lazarus

Country: United States

Years collecting: Collecting in October 2014


When did you started collecting:

Matt: I started collecting all retro systems in October 2014. I had absolutely no games of any sort, and decided that I wanted a SNES again. A search on Craigslist lead me to a community garage sale, where I met two local collectors, Keith and Jesse. I purchased a SNES and a small lot of six games from them, from there they invited me to go to the local flea market with them, the Swap Shop. I would go every Sunday and arrive at 5am, searching for the best deals to build a collection of old video games.


Consolevariations: That is nice to meet new friends like that! Did you find anything on the Swap Shop?

Matt: After about a year of hunting every Sunday, I had grown my collection to include around 15 home consoles and 20 handhelds, as well as a large quantity games and accessories. Somewhere around the 8 month mark, I found my first Game Boy Pocket, and I fell in love. My first goal was to  acquire every color GBP from the US, and I completed it in about 3-5 months. After that, I began to focus on all types of Game Boy consoles, boxed and loose.


 How did you got the idea to collect video games/consoles:

Matt:I guess it was just a small realization, I finally had a steady job and a little bit spare money. I had no video games whatsoever, and I wanted to get back the things I loved as a kid.


Consolevariations: I can imagine you decided to collect your SNES-Childhood! But where did your passion of Game Boy Pocket came from?

Matt: The idea to collect Game Boys came gradually. At first I just wanted all US released Game Boy Pocket colors loose. After getting my first boxed Game Boy Pocket, I decided I wanted as many as I could find.

What is your ultimate holy grail in your collection:

I have a few items I would consider “Grails” in my collection. Mainly, my promotional Thomas & Betts Game Bboy Pocket. I also hold in high regards my Game Boy Test Cartridge, and Red Bull BC One DS Lite.

I’m a huge fan of promotional items, or things that were not available for retail sale. Since I mainly collect Game Boy Pockets, the Thomas & Betts Game Boy Pocket was a dream for me ever since my friend found one. I was lucky enough to be able to purchase my own less than a year later.

What is your personal favorite item in your collection:

Matt: Definitely my boxed Ocean Blue Game Boy Pocket.


Consolevariations: That is one solid answer! Please let us know some details about that!


Matt: It’s a variant that took me over a year to find loose, and I never would have gotten it boxed without the help of my amazing friend James down in Australia. The Ocean Blue Pocket is the same color as the Japanese Ice Blue Pocket, easily my favorite aesthetic Game Boy Pocket. Also,  Australia is the only place that it was released in a square-style box.


Photo Gallery:

Do you have any Website / Facebook Group / Page or something you’d like to share?

 The place I use the most to share my collection is Instagram (@nexmetal), I am frequently in the “GameBoy Collectors” group on Facebook as well. My friend Mikey also started the “Handheld Enthusiasts” group on Facebook. Best place to get in touch with me would be through Instagram. I am on some other forums such as NA as well, but I do not use them much.

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    Kieran Work (Tuesday, 13 November 2018 21:43)

    That's amazing! I absolutely love gameboys!