PlayStation 3 SSX

Happy Holiday! Winter is here and it's freezing here as well, it reminded us to this very cool PlayStation 3 SSX Edition, only 1 was made! and was given away trough Twitter by E.A! Do you have any cool snowy-consoles? Let us know!


Decolored Nintendo 64 Pikachu Console

We hope you all have had an amazing and colorful Christmas this year! ...Speaking of colors, This Nintendo 64 Pikachu has seen better days ! This is one of the most decolored consoles we have seen!

on the top we have the original console and on the bottom we have the decolored one.


2016, year of the nostalgia

December is almost over.. the last month of 2016, what a year we had! it was all about nostalgic from the 80/90s so here we have the Game & Watch systems , that where released in December!
Fire! Released on December 4, 1881
Green House! Released on December 6, 1982
Pinball! Released on December 5, 1983

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you all received a wonderful time with your family and secretly also hope you get amazing presents! These kids did in the 90's  We wonder if they still have there systems =)


New 3DS and Wii U commercial in japan

Happy Holidays! Nintendo had 2 holiday commercial in japan in 2013 advertising the Wii U and the *New* 3DS LL, They showed these 2 promo boxes.. unfortunately these are never real boxes but just used in the ad. They look AWESOME!


The Wii U Bundle with Mario Kart 8 and Super smash Bros

Happy Holidays! The Wii U Bundle with Mario Kart 8 and Super smash Bros was available in Australia during the holiday periods! In our opinion one of the finest looking Wii U boxes we have seen! Mario Kart 8 already comes pre-installed on the console out of the box, while Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is available through a redeemable download code in the box!


The DSi XL Holiday Ad

Happy Holidays! Here is a Nintendo DSi XL Holiday Bundle with Mario Kart DS! and becuase the package itself does not look holiday like, here is the official ad !


Sega Saturn Christmas Nights Pack

Happy Holidays! Back in 1996 this time,  Here is a White Saturn Christmas Nights bundle which was only available around this time, this bundle had a promotional sampler disc of Nights into Dream that was originally released during the 1996 holiday season for this console


Consolevariations to Twitter and Instagram!

We are happy to announce that is now on Instagram and Twitter! Feel free to follow us for even more awesome news, consoles, controllers and packaging variations! We will start posting as of tomorrow!

Instagram: consolevariations_com
Twitter: consolevariations (@cv_admin)


Playstation 4 Season's Greeting Pack Part 2!

Happy holidays! Back in 2015 this time,  in Taiwan There was a Playstation 4 Season's Greeting Pack,

The Jet Black console is called the Adventure Bundle Pack and it's bundled with Nathon Drake's Collection,  and the Glacier White console is called the Ai Fantasy Bundle Pack and it's bundled with The Witcher 4!


Playstation 4 Season's Greeting Pack

Happy holidays! Back in 2014 in Taiwan There was a Playstation 4 Season's Greeting Pack,

Bundled with the games you see on the boxes and you get a free 3 months subscription on Playstation Plus!  The Little Big Planet was also in Jet black


Dreamcast Seaman Xmas edition

Happy holidays! In the upcoming days we will only post Chrismas/red/green consoles that were released around this time Here is the first one: Sega Dreamcast: Seaman Xmas Package
- Console released in Japan
- Red Colored console
- 850 made
- It came packaged in a red box and bundled with matching red controller and red VMU, Seaman game, Dream Passport 2


All Charcoal Nintendo 64 variations from Asia!

OK This is our last Nintendo 64 post of the year, lets make something special out of it.

On this picture are ALL the Asian charcoal variations known.  starting from Left to right and in 'Z' shape:

Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia version,  Taiwan, Japan (first edition), Japan (2nd edition) Japan, (With Pokedex and Pokemon cards), Korean Comboy 64 and last but not least, Hong Kong!


DOOM Sega 32X console

We Congratulate DOOM that is celebrating it's 23rd anniversary! So here is a console that was bundled with the first DOOM Game, a not so common one actually.. a Sega 32X bundle from North America!


New Console added! PlayStation 4 Slim Kingdom Hearts

We have a new console to the site!  The PlayStation 4 Slim: KINGDOM HEARTS We now have 34 PS4's on the Site!

Quick Facts:
- Console will be released in Japan
- Black colored console with Kingdom Hearts Elements
- It's released to celebrate the mark of  Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8
- Also comes with a unique PS4 home-theme from Kingdom Hearts
- Released in both 500GB and 1TB


The Final Fantasty XIII-2 consoles

Did you know you had an Final Fantasy XIII-2 Limited Edition Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles, normally you have the main characters on it, but in this case is one of the top icons: Moogle
These consoles are made in North America and where given away at PAX and Comic-Con in San Diego and New York only 3 consoles of each were made


The Fox Data Bronze Controller

Many of you may know that a company called Foxdata released 4 custom N64 controllers in the UK.


The Desert Storm, Chrome Leopard, Rain Red and Forrest/Rain Purple.


However less known is, that the company originally planned to release a chrome seeries in gold, silver, bronze and blue.

The plans were scratched but few of them do exist. This bronze chrome Foxdata is one of the only ones that ever made it into collectors hands.


New Console added! Nintendo DS Lite Red Bull BC One

Thanks to a fan we have a new Console added! The Nintnedo DS Lite Red Bull BC One, released in North America! There are around 100 made, - Given away at the Red Bull's BC One Competition.

The annual competition started in 2004 for Breakdancing Thanks to this console we now have 75 Nintendo DS Lite consoles on the website!


New Xbox One added to the site! Forza Horizon 5 Edition by Twitch

We are happy to announce that another Xbox One is on our site! The Forza Horizon 5 Edition

On the picture it say how to have obtained one


GameBoy Color Lunchables!

We know Halloween has passed but we need to show you this amazing GameBoy Color Lunchables!

There are 50 made,  It was a prize that was given away on Halloween 1999, It was from a lottery  from the company "Kraft Foods" It is named Lunchables because Lunchables is a brand of food manufactured by Kraft Foods and was introduced to the U.S. market in 1988 the GameBoy however you could win in Germany