New Xbox 360 added! The Milk 6th Anniversary!

Well.. look at this beauty!!

We have a new console added to the site!


To celebrate the 6th anniversary of the Hong Kong magazine Milk, the  Microsoft Xbox 360 has become the product of choice to mark this occasion.


Only 2 units are  made and auctioned off on Yahoo Hong Kong.


Proceeds from the sale will benefit Milk’s favorite organization, the World Wildlife Federation (WWF)


Playstation 4 Sweeptakes by Square Enix!

One amazing One of a Kind Sweeptakes by Square Enix! a Playstation 4 Hitman Suitecase with matching controller, incredible! and it's still going! Contest is here


Consolevariations on SZ! (Suddeutsche Zeitung)

Consolevariations got interviewd once again about the passion of collecting, variations and future plans. SZ (Süddeutsche Zeitung) is a nationwide news paper in Germany. We are exited :D




Playstation 4 Tacobell Golden Limited Edition

a Massive congratulations from us to Sony Playstation for selling 40.000.000 Playstation 4 units world wide! This is achieved a few days after the launch of the new game Uncharted 4! So Speaking of uncharted... 

on septemper til November 2015 you could win one of the 6500 Golden Playstation 4 units, Durring this time. not all 6500 where given out. but 6048! This console came with a Golden controller, 1 year Playstation Plus and a copy of.. You guessed it Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection


N64 I love techno Value Pack

Another exotic: The Nintendo 64 "I Love Techno Value Pak" from Belgium. One of the biggest boxes and it even has a window. Was a promotional Pak for a Techno Festival and came with the Entry Ticket, 2 Games, a T-Shirt, a CD and a extra controller!


GAme Boy Micro Toonami

This limited edition Game Boy Micro was presented by Toonami, just fill in your email on there website to participate! only 50 were given out. and also a copy of Donkey Kong Country 3. I would not mind having one of those in my collection..


Microsoft consoles will go live soon!

We have passed 300 likes on Facebook!!! Thank you very much everyone, we really really apreciate it! We will have a massive supprise for you now! Soon, we will reveal all the Microsoft consoles for you. All the Xbox/Xbox 360 and Xbox one console and controller variations will be live! you'd say it isn`t much but combining all we are talking on more then 250 different consoles and almost 100 different controllers! Stay tuned for updates! thanks for beeing such great fans. Always good to read all the good stuff about our site.



This Playstation 4 of ASSASSIN'S CREED SYNDICATE was a prize from Ubisoft, from North America
There was only 1 made and it was a 2nd prize of there sweettakes, the 1st prize was a Home theater system, 3rd prize was a gauntlet from the game and hidden blade
Which one do you prefer?

Heavy VS Light Sixer

Here are 2 pictures, one Atari 2600 HEAVY Sixer and one Atari 2600 LIGHT Sixer, can you spot the differences? Answer will be there tomorrow!


one awesome looking box:


*New* Nintendo 3DS LL Puzzles and Dragons International Championships

The *New* Nintendo 3DS LL Puzzles and Dragons International Championships. Console released in Japan. A red colored console with Mario and DeviTAMA on it. Given to the winner of the Puzzles and Dragons Mario Editions. the top 4 contestants have been awarded with a custom Puzzle & Dragons International Championship New Nintendo 3DS XL and yes, this console belongs to one of our team members!


Super Nintendo Blister Controller

In France, they actually had a Super Nintendo Controller in Blister packaging. quite neat! About 2 years ago this one got sold in an auction, could you guess how much it went for?


Nintendo 64 Anthology  has reached the goal!

The Nintendo 64 Anthology has made the goal and it keeps rising!  There are still some hours left. and you can still be a backer Just go to this page   and when it reaches over 70.000 everyone will recieve 2 high quality  original Nintendo 64 themed lithography from famous French artist Orioto.


Xbox 360 Kinect Training

An Xbox one given away trough Social Media! There were only 5 made
-  Giveaway from Nike via Facebook, Came with a matching controller a matching Kinect bar and Came with the game Kinect Training + Kinect Adventure


XBOX 360 Kinect Edition

This Xbox 360 is given away to the 24th millionth buyer of the Kinect hardware only 1 made!


Sony turned 70!

Congratulations Sony with your 70th Birthday! So as Celebration we are posing here one special product from Sony:

The Sony PlayStation!

Yes the first PlayStation Sony has released. This model is the first model: SCPH-1000 with it's box. it had an Direct Out AV connection and was later removed. Later models dropped the parallel port first, and then the serial port.

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Genesis II vs Megadrive II

Sega Genesis vs Mega Drive 2 packaging variations:

2 new Game Boy's added (and  2 new pictures)

Our Nintendo launch was a great success!
Lots of attention went to the Game Boys. We even got suggestions and new pictures! Several owners contacted us to give us these pictures with permission and we are very thankful! Thanks alot!
Here are 4 new pictures of rare Game Boy Pocket and Color systems that was available in Japan. the "Marble" versions, a very high quality 250th CoroCoro memorial version and the first HD picture of the Pokemon Pinball Version that is around!
Thanks alot everyone massive help!~ Full resolution can be found on our Nintendo page

consolevariations interviewed on YouTube!

NerdzigTV has interviewed one of our members are! at the Lange Nacht der Computerspiele 2016 Starting at 5:42 !


PlayStation 3 One Piece: Pirate Warriors bundle

So what do you get when you mix a Sony product, with some gold, Pirates, and an Anime into one product. The Sony PlayStation One Piece Pirate Warriors bundle!


Released in 2012 to celebrate the PS3 exclusive game One Piece: Pirate Warriors . The matte gold 320GB console features a white etching of Luffy (star of the Once Piece manga series) Golden graving and a golden controller.


The Atari Jaguar CD

Rumors has it that only 5000 units are still working. The Atari Jaguar CD was the attachment of Atari's last console; the Atari Jaguar..


In this bundle the following games where included: Tempest, VID Grid and Blue Lightning. also included a Myst Demo!