PizzaHut gives away Xbox One S systems and a limited Controller every hour

PizzaHut gives away Xbox One S systems and a limited Controller every hour! When you purchase an Triple Treat Box! With every Triple Treat Box you also get $10 discount on the Xbox Live Shop!

On the picture you see here is how to participate, so far there are over 300 winners! This event continues until December 24th, 2016.  Counting this controller we are at 39 Xbox one controllers!


Unreleased Nintendo 3DS color

Did you know that there was a Nintendo 3DS going to be released in orange color? This console never made the market but there was one variation at the E3 2010!


Xbox 360 South Park and GTA IV found for 80 euro

Here is one reason why you should check our website for consoles: Someone stole some Xbox 360 consoles from a valuable collector, and sold them to a retail store to have some cash.  the Thief had no idea what he had and the retail store where selling those 2 Xbox 360 systems for 79.99 euro each(!) These Xbox systems are limited edition for 100 and 10 pieces. The thief has been caught and the owner of these systems is currently working on getting those consoles back.


removed console: Nintendo DS Hot Summer Wario Edition

So for the first time we did not added another console, but actually removed one. it seems that this console (Nintendo DS Hot Summer Wario Edition) never existed. so if you see one for sale, or claimed to have it. it´s false! Our apologies for the false information we provided you.


Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday WiiU!

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Black Friday and Happy Birthday to our Wii U who has turned 4 years old,

there are unfortunately only 2 variations of the Wii U  Black, and White.. and because it's Black Friday, here is a picture below when they started selling the Black Wii U, on Thanksgiving.


The Nintendo GameCube Zelda Wind Waker Pak Jet Black version

So you have high likely seen a Nintendo GameCube Zelda Wind Waker in Silver, in Indigo, but have you seen a Jet Black version as well? This pak was only released in Australia together with the Indigo one.

The Indigo and Silver where both released in europe,

It is interesting that the sleeve on the European release wraps around the console from top to bottom, where as in Australia, it wraps around sideways.


Nintendo 64 from Thailand with a N64DD Sticker

This is one weird console. This is an Nintendo 64 from Thailand with a N64DD sticker on it! So far it is the only console to be seen that promotes the N64DD (N64 DiskDrive!) Even the consoles from Japan (The ONLY country where the N64DD only was released) did not even had a single promo item on a Nintendo 64 box or game! And we... love it!


New console Added! Nintendo 3DS K Edition

We have a new console added to the site! The Nintendo 3DS K.

- Console released in Japan
- 100 made
- Participants in the "Animate Game Festival" from April 23 through March 31 can enter the lottery by trading points earned from pre ordering games at Animate stores throughout Japan


Decored console #3!

We have spotted another decolored console! We have found a SNES from North America that almost looks photoshopped, below is how it have looked.


New Xbox One added to the site! Xbox Mortal Kombat X

We are happy to announce that another Xbox One is on our site! The Mortal Kombat X Predator Edition!

Here is how could you obtained one:
Find and click the icon below on your Xbox One home screen or the Xbox Games screen.
Click “Enter Now” to enter the sweepstakes.
Play Mortal Kombat X anytime from July 3rd to July 11th on your Xbox One.
If you’re a winner, you’ll be notified by phone or by email, according to the winner notification



It does not stop there! 2 New PS4 systems are added to the site!

We are happy to announce that 2 more PlayStation 4 systems are added on the site! Both are from Borderlands! One from Twitter, the other from Facebook.


PlayStation 4 Moxxi Edition: Tweet an image of your best Moxxi post with #handsomeconsole #moxxi #Giveaway


PlaySatation 4 Lilith Edition: Post an image of an official vault symbol in the comments


32 New Xbox Ones S Added to the site! NFL Editions!

32 Xbox One S Added to the site!  No this is not a grammar mistake, Microsoft announced that 32 one of a kind Xbox One S consoles are given away for each NFL team in North America!  Here is how you could obtained them:

Head to the promo website and vote for your favorite console
Click to enter through your Xbox 360 or Xbox One dashboard
Follow @Xbox and RT the Madden NFL 17 #XboxSweepstakes Tweets

This brings our grand total on Xbox one to 109 Xbox one consoles!!!



4 New PlayStation 4 consoles added!

Not 1,  not 2, but 4 new Playstation 4 consoles are added! 

All are only 1 made, they are from Watch_Dogs 2, World of Tanks, Thunderbirds and EA Sports!

See in our Sony Variation page how to obtained them!



New console added: Nintendo 2DS White/Yellow

New consoles added! The Nintendo 2DS White/Yellow Edition, Bundled with the game New Super Mario Bros 2 and only released in Japan! This brings up our 19th 2DS Console on the site!


New console added!: Dragon Quest PSP Vita!

We have a New system at our site! The PSP Vita Slim Dragon Quest Builders Darn.. what a system! This is our 37th PSP Vita console!
Quick Facts:
- Console released Japan/Hong Kong
- Silver colored console with Silver buttons and a Slime on the 'up' D-pad
- Bundled with a Metal-Liquid-Slime figure for your Jack Audio connection and the game Dragon Quest Builders

The Sega Special Pack

Introducing the Sega Special Pack! A Rare variant box of the Sega Game Gear! This box contains a TV Tuner, Car Antenna, Car Adapter and the Game Gear itself!

On development: Collectors page!

We are proud to announce that our site will have your own collectors gallery! We will have a full page with YOUR collection on it, want to display your collection on our site? Just send us a PM, with your pictures and we`ll place it in a beautiful format! We are launching when we think are have enough to show the world.
Here is a small example on how it looks like, thanks to a collector who we got approval from to show you.

The New Nintendo 3DS Will be $99 at Black Friday

This is so far the lowest price that Nintendo ever gave for a 3DS console.  On Black Friday this console will be for sale for $99 dollars on November 25th. These models should be available at many North American game retailers There will also be a white version of this console!


TecToy announce a new version of Sega Mega Drive!

The new TecToy Mega Drive comes bundled with an original 3-button controller, 22 built in games, traditional cartridge slot and even an SD card reader so you can add your own ROMs! The only downside is that there is no HDMI output We have heard from sources that this also will be a limited edition variation!


Nintendo DS Lite Connection Tour '07

Awesome news! We where missing one picture on the DS Lite variations and we happen to see it for sale today! The item is for sale on eBay under item number 131993028508! We contacted the owner and we have permission to use this DS for our DS Lite variation list! Check it out =)

- Console released in Australia
- Black colored console
- 15 made
- One for each champion at each of the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl tournaments during the Australia wide tour


Nintendo DS Sundance Film Festival

Quick Facts:

- Console released in North America
- 3 made (1 of each model)
- Custom DS consoles with different airbrush got auctioned off for charity at the Sundance Film Festival
- Nintendo added 30% of the total bids to charity,
-  in total they sold the DS systems for  $23,000
- the Blue one got sold for $10,000
- The green/golden one got sold for $2,500 and the copper/brown got sold for $1,500
- Nintendo added $8,000 in total for charity


The book...

So we opened a book about consoles... then we closed it again, the end