The Nintendo Famicom Mini has announced!

Japan is getting the Famicom Mini! Its the same concept as the NES Mini with 30 games build inside. More info will come tonight
Here is an awesome trailer for it


Sony PlayStation 3: Cloud Black

We gave alot of attention to Sega and Microsoft these last days, So Now it's Sony's time to shine!  Check out this amazing PS3 Cloud Black Edition. One of the finest looking box variations of the PS3 as well.

It came with a Bluray disk of Final Fantasy: Advent Children The system itself is Black with a matte finish.


Xbox One Forza Horizon 3 Limited Edition Console

Yet another Xbox one Prize revealed and given by one of our fine Console-discover-detectives!
The Xbox One Forze Horizon 3 Edition,  3 will be made, and it's a prize from Xbox Germany and France
This is also the 4th Xbox with a Forza theme! With this one added our total count for Xbox One is 73!


Square Enix Xbox One Giveaways:

Square Enix has anounced that they will give away 2 Xbox One systems as prizes when you pre-order there latest game: Final Fantasy XV. These xboxes will be won at a second prize, the first prize is an Home Entertainment Center with a 9.1 speaker set (Geez!). Putting these Xbox One systems in our database makes us having 71 of them!


Nintendo 64 Clear/Orange system (or Daiei Hawks)

One of the coolest looking Nintendo colors! The Clear Orange and Black console or the Daiei Hawks system.


The Super Famicom bundle with 3 games

So we have seen these weird bundle with a Super Famicom and 3 games, Very interesting! According to the auction it's called a "DREAM BOX"


Sega is Live!

After hours of work, we are proud to announce that SEGA is now Live!! All the Sega variations are there for you to see! Massive thanks to everyone who helped us achieve this.
Check it out! and let others know as well!

Tomorrow! Sega goes live!

Yes, tomorrow we go live and we are revealing all the Sega variations!  We think the most interesting console of the Sega is the Dreamcast, the amount of colors that are resealed, and the system is self is quite amazing!  There are also 3 ' Rental'  Units The: "Tsutaya Rental System Pak"  " Rental Kit System Pak"  and the "Trail Game Rental System Pak" Check them out! 


Sega Variations revealed in 2 days!

2 more days before our Sega page goes live!! Are you exited? Check our this amazing Mega Drive box from Europe!!


Sega Variations revealed in 3 days!

3 DAYS TO GO Before every Sega goes live! We will have 13 Sega Saturn variations, almost 30 different controllers, and more then 70 Packaging variations!
Here is a small taste of what we have:


Sega Variations revealed this friday!

We are super proud to anounce that ALL the SEGA VARIATIONS will be live THIS FRIDAY! This week we`ll be posting some of the nicest and rarest sega consoles and Friday everyone can enjoy all the Sega variations on our site! We will have the following consoles for you available!: Sega SG-X000 series, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, Sega Mega-CD, Sega 32X, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Game Gear and least but not last. the Sega Pico! Here is an awesome sample of what we have to show you: The first Sega CD box variation in North America,
Bundled with the following GAmes/Music
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Mystery, Streets of Rage,
Revenge of Shinobi, Golden Axe Two More, Hot New Rock & Roll Hit's CD and the All New CD + G Hit Music Sampler


Consolevariations logo spotted !

Send by one of our fans! One of these stickers on this car looks familiar!


Microsoft Xbox One Recore Edition

Microsoft has a prize Giveaway of given a ONE OF A KIND Xbox One S Edition from Recore. and ofcourse, we have it on our site now! That makes this our 70th Xbox one!! Yes you read this well, we already have 70 Xbox One Variations!


Sega Dreamcast Top-Airbrush series

SOON on the consolevariations website, the Dreamcast Top-Airbrush Editions! There were nine models of these with an upper casing commissioned by Sega of Germany by Top-Airbrush’s artist T. Rachu. They were used for showcasing or given away as prizes in contest and there are just 5 made of each. The variations are: Virtua Tennis, Quake III Arena, Jet Set Radio, Shenmue, gold coating with “Simply the best” on it, Resident Evil: CODE: Veronica, Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour, Ferrari F355 Challenge and Chu Chu Rocket! Which one is your favorite?!


Status Update on Sega Variations

We reached an amazing process in the last weeks, and we all thank you for your amazing support to our site! We are proud to anounce that we get at LEAST 100 visitors each day and that is something we did not expect to happen.

A small update from our site: We are currently working on having all the Sega Variations! we are around 80% done , only the handhelds are left. This wil also be the largest console website ever build so stay tuned!

So we just showed you yesterday a picture of the 9 airbrush of the Dreamcast, this is only a small sample of what we will have! Here is a picture or every dreamcast controller. We will anounce shortly when Sega goes live and you will know how many sega systems from SG1000 until the Dreamcast. where made!


New Xbox One Controllers anounced!

Microsoft has announced 4 new controllers for the Xbox One! The "Gears of War 4 JD Fenix", "Gears of War 4 Crimson Omen", "Special Edition Dawn Shadow" and... well.. 'Blue' .. that brings us to a total of 22 Controllers! .. So far!


Sony Playstation 4 Final Fantasy XV Limited Edition

We where the first to see this, the PS4 Slim Final Fantasy XV Luna Edition!


Sony PSP Carnaval variations

These Carnival PSP colors are pretty nice! Here are the correct names for them just incase you want to know: "Vibrant Blue", "Radiant Red", "Bright Yellow" and "Spirited Green" one funny Fact Blue/Red where released on March 5 2009, and the yellow/green one on March 19 2009!


Atari Jaguar CD

The Jaguar CD is the only addon made for Jaguar. and they where quite fregile! estimate is that around 20.000 where made. but only 5000 are still working!


Nintendo super Famicom Taiwan Edition

So we recently have permission to use a rare Super Famicom from Taiwan! the controller has a ' golden' touch around the buttons and it seems that the Super Famicom logo on the system also has that. quite unique! Also. This is for sale! Check out ebay for item number: 182228578837


Sony Playstation 4 Pro revealed!

Introducing the super-charged PlayStation 4 Pro, delivering the sharpest gaming experiences ever seen. It arrives 10th November and costs €399.99


Nintendo 2DS Systems revealed for Japan

Nintendo Japan has announced 5 new Nintendo 2DS Consoles! the colors are; Clear black, Red, Blue, Lavender and Pink, they are going to be released on 15 September 2016! We have no idea yet if those systems are going to be released in the west but we`ll see soon enough!



Quick Facts:
- Console from Social Media
- 2 made
- Giveaway of Rockstar Energy Drink via Facebook
- Comes with the game Forza Horizon
- Came with a year supply of Rockstar


Nintendo 3DS Eight Ranger 2 Limited Edition

We have yet another new console in our Database! the Nintendo 3DS Eight Ranger 2 Limited Edition!
- Console released in Japan only
- 100 made
- Limited Edition, available through magazine
- Black Console with the eight Ranger logo


Xbox Sweeptakes at PAX (Penny Arcade Expro)

PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) has another sweeptakes this year and ofcourse we are notifited by it! There are 7 Xbox One S given away durring this the PAX West Sweepstakes. The Xbox One S consoles feature designs inspired by Gears of War 4, Halo Wars 2, Forza Horizon 3, Dead Rising 4, ReCore, Sea of Thieves, Battlefield 1, and Final Fantasy XV.