New console added! The Sega Saturn Hello Mac Edition

Yes, we have a new console added to the site! It is the Sega Saturn from Hello Mac!

- Console released in Japan

- White colored console with the logo and store name of Hello Mac on it.

- Bundled with 2 controller

- Only available in the Hello Mac stores in Japan in 1996


Thanks to this system we now have a total of 14 Sega Saturns on the site!  Click here to see them all!


A sweet Microsoft Xbox from japan!

Look at this sweet Xbox console from Japan! Its bundled with Gotham Racing 2 and Halo! It even comes with 2 controllers! 

The Sony PSX DESR-5100

Sony PSX DESR-5100

Quick Facts:

- Console released in Japan
- Silver colored console
-160 GB HDD was installed
-Only the DESR-5100 is Silver

The Sega Mega Jet

Sega Mega Jet

Quick Facts:

- Console from Japan

- Dark/Grey colored console with purple/black buttons and "MD" on it (Stands for Mega Drive)

- It's being at the Mega Drive variations section because it only plays Mega Drive games

5 Nintendo 64 Prototypes colours discovered!

Instagram user that goes by the name @Retro_Hoarder  found one amazing lot of not 1, but 5 Nintendo 64 Prototype consoles and controllers! Below is the story he wants to share with us:


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N64 controller shipping box found!

We have not really looked for new consoles on our holiday.. but when we saw this, there was no way we could not buy it!

New Joy-con announced for the Switch, Neon Yellow

There is a new Joy-con announced for the Nintendo Switch! Neon Yellow color! It will be released, on June 16th!


CV is Going to Australia!

We are going to Australia to meet one of the best Nintendo 64 collectors in the world! We also stay there for a couple of weeks so expect a late respond in our messages and mail. Do you live close to Brisbane? Contact us and lets have a drink!


The Sega Activator

This is not an alchemy circle or a summoning circle, this is actually the Sega Activator! Controller from Asia/North America and Brazil, Full-body motion based controller, Used for fighting games!

Bandai consoles needed!

Hey everyone. We need alot of Bandai console pictures! We are almost done with the Bandai page but we are still missing most of the pictures! Because we Dont take them Randonly from the Internet would like to ask you to provide them with your permission to use, any picture is welcome!! Thanks!