The Xbox One Gamescom2017 Controller

We got the Gamescom2017 controller! Number #117!! =) the design came from the number one. We are pretty proud of getting one! We however do see that the Gamescom logo on the controller is very shiny instead of matt-black! See the pictures below!

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The Atari Jaguar Tendal Equipment

Ever wondered what happened to the Atari Jaguar when they did not so well? They're hardware molding equipment got sold to a dental-hardware company and they made dental equipment that looks exactly like the Atari Jaguar.. but white! Here is a picture of it!.. shall we add it on the site?

This picture was taken from our good friend who host an event about Atari Jaguar! Check out this website: !


The Xbox One Titanfall Edition, questions answered!

Back in 2013 at the launch of the Xbox One console

a Limited Edition was made with a Titanfall theme.  but due unknown reasons it was cancelled.
What happened to it? How many where made? Why this epic console was cancelled? We have the answers for you!

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the Xbox One X and the Xbox One S Minecraft Edition

Closeup pictures of the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition and the Xbox One s Minecraft Edition! The longer we looked at it the more awesome they look!


New PlayStation 4 Slim announced!

a New PlayStation 4 had been announced! and this time it's for the game: Grand Touristmo 7! a PlayStation 4 exclusive

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The First Limited Edition Custom Controller of Xbox

Only at Gamescom 2017,  on the Microsoft Design Lab website, you can make your own limited edition controller and there will be 3000 made!

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Microsoft Reveals the Xbox One S Minecraft Edition

Microsoft revealed on there live converence on Gamescom 2017 a

New Xbox One S console of Minecraft!

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Hi everyone, 

This week will be all about Pokémon systems and you will all understand why with our Tonight's post !

CV and Pokémaniak Collection Will present to you the TOP 7 of the rarest Pokémon Systems and hopefully you will enjoy it !


On our first day , we are gonna talk about the Nintendo DS Lite World Championship 2008 , Nintendo DSi World championship 2009 and the Nintendo DSi XL World Championship 2010.

As you may know , all of them are very rare , you could win them by participating at the Pokémon Championships in Orlando, San Diego and Hawaii.

COLORWARE , a very famous Custom Company made those gorgeous systems.


The Nintendo DS Lite Orange color  were 146 Made ( 50 for the Video Games and 96  for the Trading Card games )

The Nintendo DSi Blue/white were 102 Made ( 6 for the Video Games and 96 for the Trading Card Games )

The Nintendo DSi XL were 112 Made ( 96 for the Trading Card Games and 16 for the Video Games )


They all have their own logo and own box.

The charger and manuals inside the boxes depend of the winner ( Japanese, American, European .. ) 


See you tomorrow for an other Pokémon story :)

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The GBA SP From the Kids Choice Awards 2003

Today we have something special to show you! a Game Boy Advance SP from the

Kid's Choice Awards 2003!

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Microsoft Announced 3 more Xbox One and Windows 10 Controllers!

Today, Microsoft announced 3 more controllers for Xbox one and Windows 10!

The names are Volcano Shadow, Recon Tech, and Grey and Green controllers.


Check them out right here below!

Xbox One S: Grey/Green Controller

Quick Facts:

- Controller released in North America

- Gret colored console with grey buttons and green analog sticks

- Exclusively available from the Microsoft Store and Walmart. on august 2017

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