A New Xbox One On The Site! Now Even With A Video!

on March 8 2017, Microsoft UK posted a post on Facebook that you could win a unique Xbox one from the game, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game!

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Happy Birthday Mario Kart! Here are all the nice bundles out there

Mario Kart has turned 21 today! (or yesterday) so we are celebrating it!


Mario Kart had in the course of 21 years several bundles around the world! 

Lets review them from the SNES to the Switch! handhelds will come later!


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The Xbox One: Rise of Tomb Raider Edition

Rise of The Tomb Raider launched November 10th  2015 and  the Square Enix Online Store had a sweepstakes to win a one of a kind custom crafted Xbox One console!

How to have entered? If you've already ordered our Rise of the Tomb Raider Collector's Edition from the official Square Enix Online Store, then you'll be automatically entered!

There where some complains during this sweepstakes, not that you only had a chance to win it by buying the Collector's Edition, but the big reason was that you had to purchase an Xbox One Game.. to win an Xbox One .. this means that there was a very high chance that the winner of this sweepstakes had an Xbox One system already!


More pictures of the system are below

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The Xbox 360 LocoCycle Edition

The Gaming company Twisted Pixel that made the (very fun) game LocoCycle had an sweepstakes back when the game launched!


This amazing looking system was made by Legacy FX! (The company that also created models for Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, and The Avengers!)

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Sweepstakes from Bathesda! The Elder Scrolls Online 10 Million Stories

The Elder Scrolls Online now has 10 million players! and Bathesda is celebrating it with a huge event!


The game is Free to play for one week! The free weekend will run from the 30th of November until the 6th of December. That’s a whole 7 days for you to explore Tamriel completely for free. The week long period will feature dungeon events and the sweepstakes promotion for the #10millionstories celebration.

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Rockstar is giving away 3 custom golden consoles!

Original Source here!


In celebration of the recently released new versions of L.A. Noire for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the upcoming release of L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files for the HTC Vive on December 15th (now available to pre-order), Rockstar is giving away a series of unique, custom-made, exclusive L.A. Noire themed consoles to four lucky winners!

The sweepstakes series begins with your chance to score the brand new Xbox One X, and over the coming weeks Rockstar also be giving away a custom-designed PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch and gaming PC (complete with HTC Vive), so keep an eye out there for the chance to win yourself a one-of-a-kind system.


Dec 1 - Dec 7, A Xbox one X:

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