A Rare adventure (1/2)

Our adventure with Rare started with an amazingly warm welcome by the Staff. Straight at the entrance they had Life size figures of Sea of Thieve figures, a Game Room where they display all there games, vinyls, and there video game awards

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Rare adventure is over: Signed Xbox One Rare Replay Edition

Our adventures at Rare was unforgettable! We have some amazing surprises for you like consoles and controllers that has never been seen until now! Tomorrow we are uploading the whole story, but for now. feast your eyes on this Rare Replay Xbox One  Console, signed by the whole team!!!


Going to Rare ltd today! More info coming coon

We are now traveling to Rareltd as we speak! So here is the console of the day!: The Nintendo 64 Banjo Kazooie Pak.


Mario Kart Double Dash Map

The 3rd map of Mario Kart Double Dash is a GameCube! But the Cube has a special Jewel on it. This jewel/nameplate was available only in Japan at Club Nintendo. For just 150 points.

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Rare ltd's charity auction!

Rare Ltd is having a charity auction and this amazing Xbox One S Sea of Thieves edition is now listed on eBay under number: 252785573963 they confirmed to us that only 3 are made in the world! Do mind that we also want it so we are bidding for the sake of charity!


The Sega Dreamcast signed by Fred Durst

We, at Consolevariations we only are after the facts of how limited specific consoles are, there are 'stories' that are spreading about a Dreamcast with the signature of Fred Durst, most of the 'gaming blogs' confirm there are 6 made, We hereby show you one of the archives of the year 2000 that there are more made then 6:

Back in 2000, SegaNet was a sponsor of Limp Bizkit's two month long tour which includes a stint on the "Anger Management" tour. In each tour location, concert-goers will have a chance to "Rumble with a Rockstar" - competing against one of the musicians each night on Sega Dreamcast. Playing Ultimate Fighting Championship(tm). Their game will be projected on the giant stage screen in front of thousands of screaming fans. Local radio stations in each city will promote the event and announce the winner for that night's concert. Each winner will also receive a complimentary one-year membership on SegaNet and a Dreamcast signed by the band.

we believe that around 24 Dreamcasts are made counted below. and where given away one for each concert.  We also found Dreamcast consoles with different text on them like "Fred is a dork" or "is Dim#" a specific number, so this means that every Dreamcast from this concert is unique. or the winner could choose what they wrote on them


Nintendo 3DS Super Mario Bros 2 Gold Edition

Console of the day! (And we can't believe we don't have it on the site yet!...) its the Nintendo 3DS XL New Super Mario Bros Gold Edition! From North America


Our guestbook is going well!

On our guestbook we have some incredible comments about CV! We can't thank you enough for all the amazing support. We keep adding new consoles every day so be sure to check out CV! Let people know we exist and the more people know our site, the better the site will be!


You can win an arcade machine thanks to this Mega Drive console!

A fan has send us this package. The best thing about this Pak is that you could win an actual arcade machine! I wonder if there were any winners?!


Just a broken NeoGeo AES



Sega Mega Drive and Mega CD in 1 box

Nothing special today... just the only Sega Mega Drive and Mega CD in 1 box also bundled with Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and Road Avenger CD! This box comes from a fan from Australia and is happy to share it with us! So far this is the only box known to exist! Must be costing a fortune back then! since both the Mega Drive and Mega CD where around 200-300 dollars!


Xbox 360 Internet Explorer Edition

We are currently investigating if this console is real or not.. if you got any leads let us know =) if it's real..


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Xbox One NFL XLVIII Edition

So.. we are a bit late with this one (or a bit early.. pending on point of view) but feast your eyes on this amazing Xbox One NFL XLVIII Edition!, it has an amazing finger-print-machine-chrome color there are 50 made! Got any shiny consoles? Let us know!


The Game Boy Singer Sewing Machine

The one who knows what this is gets a cookie. And it's not just a normal singer sewing machine! And the one who do know what this is. Its not so common to see a box of it!


A GameBoy Pocket protection case sold for 800 dolars?!

Normally we post consoles only,  but this is an exception! According to the auction, this carry case of the Game Boy Pocket which was made by the furniture/leather and lewelery company Chrome Hearts, ywas sold for almost 90.000 yen (800 dolars)! we don`t know 100% what it is but according to the auction it was a prize given away in a Tetris competition.


Best console: N64DD

Console of the day... or shall we say Console of the decade!! The Nintendo 64DD retail system. Perfect graphics. Best online service and the looks. Ooh.. the looks! We are serious! =O


NeoGeo Pocket Color  Hanshin Tigers

While creating the Neo Geo Pocket Editions, we stumbled on one amazing handheld, the Neo Geo Color Hanshin Tigers edition! It looks pretty cool! You also see how they have changed! back in 2003 the Nintendo GameCube also had an Hanshin Tigers edition, while this console is yellow and back, the GameCube was white with black stripes