Dreamcast This is Cool Skeleton Edition

If you own one of these This is Cool Saturn consoles back then, you were really cool! Why? This console was only released in japan and 30.000 where made! it was bundled with a matching controller


Masaya Nakamura, the ‘Father of Pac-Man' has passed away

Masaya Nakamura, the ‘Father of Pac-Man' has passed away.

We are giving our condolences to his family, friends and associates in Namco, He has given us the most amazing games to play, In the late 1970s and early 80s, they had the most awesome arcades, like Galaxian, Galaga, Pole Position, and Xevious. However, it was Pac-Man that wasn’t only the biggest Namco hit of that era, but also of the most important Japanese video games ever made. below you find the Xbox360 which was given away during a Pac-Man Tournament in 2007. Even today Pac-Man tournaments are still being held.


The NES Samurai boxed!

It's weekend! and that means we are showing here something very special. Remember the NES Samurai console from India? Well, this is the same console but with the box! A fan made this picture for us and even we had never seen the box before. Looks pretty epic!


Xbox 360 Arkham City and more incoming!

a Massive Xbox collector is helping us out with our database! So far we have added 20 more Xbox 360 consoles to the site and counting!! the pictures he took for us are perfect as well. Check out this example, it's the Batman Arkham City Edition! Four were given away as gifts to people in the video game industry. One was raffled away by Rocksteady's and the remaining were raffled away at PAX Prime 2011.


Classic White Game Boy System

This Game Boy is a cool looking color but a weird system in detail... Its the Classic White system. Released in Japan, UK, Spain and France value wise this is one of the few item where you could pay around 10x as much for the boxed Japanese version then the European version! The last auction for this item below went for around 92.000yen (810 dollars)

PlayStation Controller, a Memory Card and a console carrying bag.. all in one package!

This is a PlayStation Controller, a Memory Card and a console carrying bag.. all in one package! Sold in France only. According to the price tag on the bottom its high likely was 1290 'franc' (before the Euro) which is around 200 dollars!!


Sega 32X knuckles Chaotix

This Sega 32X box is high likely the best looking box there is! Knuckles is the star on this one, he is printed on all sides and also it has the game of Knuckles' Chaotix included, hes so badass that Knuckles is holding the 'X'  with his rings, it's a cool small detail.


A New PS3, Xbox360, and Wii Added! from PAX 2008

We have added 3 new discovered consoles that there given away at the PAX 2008 (Penny Arcade Expo) a Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3 and an Xbox 360! So far we can confirm that 1 of each are given away but we think that around 5 where given away if we compare it with other consoles that where given away there


New Xbox One added! Kinect Sports Rivals Console

We have added a new console to the site! This is a very special one!

This Xbox One Kinect Sports Rivals console was never for sale, never able to win, or gave away.

How did we obtain this picture? Rare Ltd saw our site and emailed us this picture! :D they told us that this console is beeing on displayed in the canteen of the main office of Rare Ltd and only 1 is made.


New PlayStation added!  Fate/Extella Edition

New PlayStation 4 Slim added! The Fate/Extella Edition!

This console was only released in Japan and also came with a download code of the game Fate/Extella

Thanks to a fan for providing this picture! Thanks to him we now have a total of 38 PS4 Consoles!


Toy Story Mega Drive II System

Woody does not approve the Mega Drive II system! This box was released in Australia and was bundled with the Toy Story game


Sony has redesigned the Dual Shock 4 controllers!

Sony has released the new designed Dual Shock 4 controller! It has a matte finish, made of different elements, a led bar on top to see your status (like low health, team color etc) the sound has improved and the touch-pad now has multi touch! See below a comparison of both controllers 6 more controllers are out (or coming out) Jet Black, Magma Red, Wave Blue, Green Camouflage, Dazzling Gold and Cool Silver! Thanks to these controller we now have 30 PlayStation 4 controllers on our site!


Microsoft Announces 2 Xbox One Controllers!

Microsoft announces 2 Xbox One Controllers! The 'Green/Orange' controller and the 'Red' Controller! The Green/Orange controller is exclusively available from the Microsoft Store and Walmart while the red controller is available from the Microsoft Store, GameStop and Amazon. These controllers where added to our database and we now have a total of 42 different Xbox One Controllers!

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Microsoft Xbox Halo Evolved Editio

We promised to post an Xbox variant, so here it is! This is the Xbox: Halo Evolved edition!

It was released in North America and Australia, there are 200.000 made, It came with a clear/green S Controller a sneak preview of Halo 2 and ofcourse bundled with the game Halo: Combat Evolved,  We have to admit that Green Xbox consoles are really really cool!




New NES Added! The The Samurai Electronic TV Game

We where actually posting some more Xbox stuff but we had something in between we have not seen before We will post it monday we promise =)  ! We have added a new Nintendo Entertainment System to the site! The Samurai Electronic TV Game!

At first we thought this was a Famiclone, but nope! We spoke with the owner, This system was only available in India! because of trade laws, In India before the 90s any international company would have to share their company name with an Indian company Just like Hyundai (Nintendo) and Samsung (Sega)

The owner confirmed that the power supply/controllers and the circuit board where originally from the original NES.


New PlayStation 4 added! Deus Ex Mindkind Divided

We have added another PlayStation 4 on our site! The Deus Ex Mankind Divided edition!

This was an Australian console, published by Sony on there Facebook! The winner will get this system and the collector's edition of Deus Ex Mankind Divided.


The Collector: Pokemaniak

2 Days ago we said that we where on a business trip, we went to our friend Pokemaniak, the owner of more then 100 Pokemon Consoles complete in box He is also the owner of the famous Trozei and Corocoro 3DS systems.  We went there to discuss some new variations and to take pictures for our new Collectors Gallery (which will be online very soon)! See this picture below for the consoles and follow his page on Facebook page!


The PlayStation 4 Harddrive plates

In our PlayStation 4 variation page, we don`t use the variations with just the harddrive plates, (Just like the normal *New* 3DS Faceplate bundles) The reason is that you can buy those plates seperately in stores and use it on your own PlayStation or other console to look like it's a limited variant! This is not our way, in some bundles these plates are included, Japan loves them. Below is a picture with all the bundles that PS4 had to offer in japan. these where bundled with the console. There are high likely mising a few, this is because there is a new faceplate coming out almost every single week.


New GameBoy Pocket and Color systems discovered!

During a business meeting (will tell more about the trip later on) we discovered 3 new GameBoy variats in some old Japanese megazines and 3 more GameBoy Color systems that we know for sure how many are made!


Below is a collage of all the pictures that we have discovered! On the Nintendo page, we have more details about where they come from and with high quality pictures!


GameBoy Color King Yamazaki: 100 made

GameBoy Color CoroCoro 10th Anniversary: 400 made (now confirmed)

GameBoy Pocket Super B-Daman: Unknown how many are made

GameBoy Color ANA: 4000 Made (now confirmed)

GameBoy Color Panasonic Arkaline: 3000 made (now confirmed)

GameBoy Color Super B-Daman: 3 Made


In total consolevariations has 33 GameBoy Pocket and 54 GameBoy Color variations!


Happy 2017!

Consolevariations are wishing you a very happy 2017!