The Sony GayStation

We have a new consoles added to the site!

The Sony GayStation!


The GayStation was auctioned off for charity by the Swedish retailer; Webhallen on August 2nd 2017


After more than 180 bids, the system was sold for 28,300 Swedish kroner (about $4,105), with all proceeds supporting the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Rights (RFSL).


Want to know how many PlayStation 4 consoles we have on our site?

Check out the PlayStation 4 Console Variation page!



New PS4 consoles added to the site! Mass Effect and Horizon!

New PlayStation 4 Pro Editions added!

We have added not one, not two, but THREE New PlayStation 4 Pro consoles added to the site!!

This contests was only available if you are located in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

The consoles were given away in Germany on the website  Just fill in your credentials on the site to participate. 

all 3 consoles where given out at the same time on March 2017.


In total we now have more then 50 PlayStation 4 consoles on the site! Check out our
PlayStation 4 Console Variation page!

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The man behind the thousand famicom systems

Yesterday we had a FaceBook post that got quite a large amount of attention!
A picture with thousands of consoles including but not limited to Famicom, Super Famicom, NeoGeo and dozens of others.
Not to mention that was only a part of a picture!
So we dug deeper and got answers for the questions you were asking! "Where the hell did he get it from!?" and, "What the hell is he going to do with them?!"
Well, keep reading to find out!

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New N64 discovered from asia!

A new Nintendo 64 package variation discovered! It even has a N64DD stickerwith Pikachu on it!! 

 One of staff members is the lucky person who owns this!. the other staff members are very jealous...


Neo Geo console variations are live on the site!

Console Variations proudly presents, all the Neo Geo Console variations!

Want to know how many Neo Geo consoles there are? just go to  THIS link !


Do you think we are missing something? or is some information incorrect? Just let us know on

our Help Us page or troughout Facebook!


Pepsi's Xbox Prizes, Mountain Dew and the Hulk The numbers!

So, we have some very exiting news!


We have a confirmation of the true numbers of those 2 amazing Xbox systems the Mountain Dew and the Hulk Xbox! Not much is known, but we did some research, and also heard the story from the owners. everything matches perfectly!

Lets get started!:

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6 days to go when our Neo Geo consoles go live!

6 days to go when our Neo-Geo consoles goes live!


We will have not 1, not 2  but 3 different Neo-Geo AES variations!

can you name them all?! :D



OK, we`ll give you a hint!


One is the traditional AES that everyone knows

the other is the Neo-Geo X Golden Limited Edition, (more about this console this week)


one was released in one specific country. and a fan even posted it on the ConsoleVariations Facebook page!


Well we are almost done with the Neo Geo variations!

It took us some bit but we are almost done with all the Neo-Geo Variations!


This week we will post some of the coolest looking Neo-Geo consoles there are! and next Monday we will be released all the Neo-Geo variations to the public! We just have to do some final touches!


If you have any Neo Geo AES/CD / Pocket or Pocket Color you would like to send us so we can use it for the site, just go to our Help Us page! and and us an an email!


Last day : Nintendo GameCube Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

How could be end this weel without talking about this wonderful system and bundle very limited.

To be honest , this is one of my favorite Nintendo GameCube , in one word.. gorgeous !

It was exclusive to Japan and only 150 made which is of course who of the rarest Gamecube and hardest to find because a lot of collector want it !

Glossy White Console with matching Controller , comes with the game and a GameBoy Player with the same color as the system .

Could be win thanks to the magazine Shonen Jump

Hopefully you enjoyed this Final Fantasy Week with us and we are looking forward to see your comments !

Please do not hesitate to share to your friends !


Have a nice day


4th Day : Bandai WonderSwan Color Final Fantasy

On our 4th day, we are gonna introduce this wonderful and exclusive system from Japan !

Here is a limited edition Final Fantasy II WonderSwan Color from Bandai !

It is an unknown system for some people but well known of course for the Final Fantasy fans ^^.

This bundle got a copy of the game, a Premium Strap , a white color with grey figures outlines .

We can also noticed a text " And, we meet in the truth " around the screen .


See you tomorrow for a new console :)



3rd Day : Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns

On our 3rd day , here is one of the rarest limited system of the  Final Fantasy Series !!

This is system is only 1 Made and could be win thanks to the official Facebook page of Square Enix.

It is Black and Blue and a very pretty good looking .


See you tomorrow for the next Final Fantasy system ;)  


2nd Day : Final Fantasy Nintendo DSi Crystal Chronicles Echoes of time !

On the 2nd Day , we will talk about this beautiful Nintendo DSi Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time.

Nintendo released only one limited edition Nintendo Dsi for the FF series ( unlike the DS Lite with 2 released systems ).

On that one we can see the emblem of the game  which is included inside this Bundle , the name of the game surrounding the lence of the camera and this pretty pure white on all the system !

Have you ever got that Nintendo DSi , what are you thought ? 

Let us now in the comments ;) 

See you tomorrow for the next system !


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Word to your Moogle Xbox 360/ PS3

From today we are gonna start the Final Fantasy week on ConsoleVariations !!

Thanks to Square Enix we've got the chance to have plenty of limited systems with Nintendo , Sony, Bandai , Microsoft ...

For the 1st day, here is the Xbox 360 and PS3 " Final Fantasy XIII-2 Word to your Moogle ".

You could win this system by a contest in the official Square Enix Store !

With beautiful colors such as Pink and White, we can also see a Moogle on it which is a character in the Final Fantasy series .


New PlayStation 4 added! of Crash Bandicoot!

We have a new PlayStation 4 added to the site! a one-of-a-kind giveaway by the Official France Facebook page of Micromania! this is called the "Aku Aku"!


Just fill in your credentials on there main website to win, that it is it!


- According to Micromania it is advised that this console is for display use only, not to play with.

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the MGS4 PlayStation 3, signed by Hideo Kojima

Lets travel back in October 2008,  where there was an auction  of a PlayStation 3 console, with leds, signature of Hideo Kojima, goodies, controllers and much much more!


The PS3 has fifteen white LEDs embedded that act as a back light for the unit so all the additional art lights up in the dark. The modifications aren’t the only feature that make this unit desirable to MGS fans, as the seller also managed to get Hideo Kojima and Yumi Kikuchi (voice actor) to sign it when they visited New York for the MGS World Tour.


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