GameCube Faceplates now on

Good news evryone! We have added all the different Gamecube Faceplate Variations on the site. Of course with detailed information and pictures. Check them out when you like!


Follow the link to see them all: GameCube Faceplates


New PS4 Final Fantasy 15 exclusive to China!

Sony just released a new Final Fantasy 15 Playstation 4 exclusive to China! It looks amazing!

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It's special because it's RED or GOLD!

Do you feel the same? A new console is announced and for some reason it always seems more special if the colors "RED" or "GOLD" are involved. Why is that? It is a little bit of a mystery why we pay so much extra attention to these colors.


Often red or gold consoles are very sort after, especially in the collecting world and it has become obvious that manufacurers wait especially long in a consoles lifecycle before releasing a red or a gold variation. We can't know if these colors are actually sold more than others, but what we can definitely agree on is that many collectors tend to seek these colors more than others. Especially if a console was released in many colors at the same time it is usaually the RED or the GOLD variation that is sold out first or becomes the hardest to collect in the future.


Maybe it is because RED symbolizes very strong emotions like love and passion but also anger and agression. Or we love shiny GOLD so much because we feel like it is something more precious like a treasure. But maybe they just catch our eye more...


We are not sure, but in the following week we want to highlight RED and GOLD consoles that had a particular high impact on fans upon their release or importance in the collecting world. Maybe you will see one worth owning!


We start today with 2 eye-catching RED consoles from Sony. They are true beauties!

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Xbox One "Hello from Seattle!"

Xbox one X it's been famous around the world now! but did you know that on the side it say "Hello from Seattle" ? It even say so inside the controller of the Xbox one! pretty damn cool


The Nintendo Gamecube MTV editions

We all knew about the Nintendo GameCube MTV edition that looked like a wooden console,

We received and email and also did some own research on how many GameCubes MTV

Edition there are..


Well, we have the answer from you.  in total there are 29 Limited Edition GameCubes given away from MTV during the Xmas Daily Broadcast in 2003!

(29 consoles, each day one console aside from 25 and 31st of December)


How did we know? The best one to to get the information from... directly from the creator of those systems!


All the GameCube had to be done in a hurry, timing was everything. The first GameCube that The creator made was a camouflaged console and MTV loved it so much, they wanted 9 of them!


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The Xbox One Prototype

Nope, we don`t have this one on the site, This happened in 2013


25-year-old Jia Li ordered himself a new laptop on the Microsoft Store way back in March 2013, only to receive a top secret prototype for the as-then unannounced Xbox One.


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The last sony post this week (we promise!)

OK, so we know that we posted alot of Sony consoles lately, so this will be the last one =)

lets have 1 final post about PlayStation The PS4 to be exact because yesterday they have announced 2 new colors!


One of them will be released only in Europe (so far) the other world wide.


The colors are Gold and Silver! and we are honest.. they looks pretty cool!

Prices will be around the 250 euro/dollar range and they will be bundled with matching controller.


Systems will be released on June 28, 2017


Thanks to these 2 PS4 consoles we now have 48 different console variations on the site!!

See here to check them all out!

PlayStation 4 Slim Gold

Quick Facts:

- Console released World Wide

- Golden colored console
- Came with a golden controller

- Released on June 28, 2017

- in North America it will be released on July 9th 2017


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Nintendo 3DS XL/LL Magic.. or Magical

So we have the Nintendo 3DS XL Magical World... or is it the Magic Castle?

We did research and found out... BOTH exist!


from Japan there is the Nintendo 3DS LL Magic Castle.

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Not 1, not 2, but 4 new PS4 Slim systems added!

Yes, you read that right, 4 new PlayStation 4 Slim consoles added to the site! 

The best looking one is the 2nd Anniversary released in China,


We have a totall of 46 PlayStation 4 consoles on the site! Check them out right here to see them all!



PlayStation 4 Slim: 2nd Anniversary

Quick Facts:

- Console released in China
- Black colored console with he Sony icons on it.

- Released to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of

PlayStation 4

- Bundled with 2 controllers, a gift box, a PS branded notebook, an LED light, a 2 year anniversary card and flask.

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