The PlayStation 2 Fireplace

Everything is possible. What to do with too many PlayStation 2 consoles? Make a fireplace out of them ofcourse!


Console of the week: Dreamcast Maziora

Console of the WEEK! The Dreamcast Maziora Edition. Its such a beautiful system. How we wish we could have this console in our Office!


New Nintendo Wii Discovered!  WII DID IT!

We managed to have 600 likes on Facebook! Thank you so much for supporting consolevariarions! We keeping improving our site every day! Yesterday a fan mailed us to show this amazing Nintendo Wii! ATI Gave these to members of the production team who made the ATI card for the Nintendo Wii
Vegas was the name of the chip of the Nintendo Wii. WII DID IT!


New Controller added! The Xbox Wireless Controller – Recon Tech Special Edition

New Controller added! The Xbox Wireless Controller – Recon Tech Special Edition It's said to be released on 25th of April!  This cool looking controller is based on the Army and it has a rubber finish on the back!


5 PSP Go added! and we now have over 100 PSP consoles on Consolevariations!

Yes! We passed over 100 Different PSP/Vita consoles on Consolevariations thanks to these 5! The PSP 3000 Winning Eleven, PlayStation Vita Slim God Eater 2, and the 3 PSP Vita Slim consoles of SaGa Scarlet Grace!


4 new consoles added! Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS Lite and a DSi!

4 new consoles added! Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS Lite and a DSi!


Game Boy Advance iQue Black

Quick Facts:

- Console released in China
- Black colored console with 'iQue'  written on top

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Here it is! The Golden SNES controller!

We finally have this picture with permission to use! :D The golden SNES Controller!
This was a special edition controller that was included in the 1998 World Cup edition of the Brazilian SNES, and came with International Superstar Soccer Deluxe as a bundle. It also was given away as a prize for Blockbuster championships (perhaps the Blockbuster World Championships held in 1995?)
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3 new consoles added! Xbox One, Xbox One S and PlayStation 4!

Yes! We have not one, not two, but three new consoles added to the site! The Xbox One Tom Clancy's The Division, Xbox One 43Einhalb and the PlayStation 4 from Mirror's Edge! :


PlayStation 4:  Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Quick Facts:

- Console released in Germany
- 18 made
- Contest from T-Mobile
- To participate, just enter your credentials in a form and send them to T-mobile, winners will be notified by e-mail.

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The Gameboy Advance SP Donkey Kong Edition, or the Donkey SP

New Console added! We could not believe we did not had this system on the site but here it is! The Donkey Kong SP!


- Console released in Japan
- 1000 made
- Yellow colored console with brown buttons and a Donkey Kong emblem on the system
- Available to win at the "Donkey Kong Summer Campaign" and "Nikko"
- in Japanese this system is called the "Donkey SP"


The M2000 Nintendo 64 controller

We are posting on Facebook for almost a year now, talking about the most amazing consoles in the world.. We never actually posted stuff about the Controllers.. so next week, it's controller time!

 Let us begin with the Millennium controller or the M2000 controller.This Controller was available as part of a Nintendo Power promotion commemorating the year 2000. Only available loose this controller stands out through its unique silver design with black buttons. It is indeed the only controller with differently colored buttons. With only 1000 made It is the rarest of the 3 Nintendo Power Magazine Controllers


The new Xbox One Controller giveaway from PAX East!

Microsoft has announced there these 12 controllers below will be given away at PAX East!

How To Enter:
Tweet or Instagram a photo from our booth of your favorite design or Retweet @Xbox’s PAX East #XboxSweepstakes Post.  and yes, there is indeed a controller from IGN with a burger and ice cream and pizza on it!


Beautiful PlayStation One packs

The memories! Look at those beautiful PlayStation One packs!


New PSP Go Discovered!

Check out this new PSP Go variant we have with permission! We have no lead how many are made but its from World Cup Soccer in Brazil in 2010! Any feedback is welcome!


The Collectors page is online!

The Collectors page is now online! You can now enjoy some epic collections from around the world! Check out the link below! Want to submit your collection to us? Just contact us!


See the collecting topic right here!


A Rare adventure (2/2)

So Part 2!

If you have not read part 1, please go here!


After seeing the amazing display cabinets in the canteen, further down the office they had a testing room, where they tested Rare Replay and Sea of Thieves!

This area had some amazing stuff, a full size Banjo statue, an Retro arcade, and we also saw a Nintendo 64 Dev kit and one of the rarest controllers, the Product Testing Controller!


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