You guys are Golden! ..speaking of Gold..

First of all we would like to thank you for being a fan of Consolevariations! Our Facebook page got over 750 likes Without you Consolevariations did not made it this far! You guys are golden!!

  and 'by coincidence''  we happen to find and add 3 more golden consoles for you! 2 from Sony PlayStation, and 1 from Nintendo!


 Each console has there unique story! Check them out!:

Sony PlayStation 10 Million

Quick Facts:

- Console released World Wide
- 1 made
- Golden colored colored console
- Sony made this PlayStation (also with Serial number #10.000.000) to celebrate the 10th million units made.
- This was shown at the Sony Square NYC at the "Innovation & Design" Showcase.

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GameBoy Micro Faceplate Variations is now online!

We are proud to anounced that we have made the page with all the Game Boy Micro Faceplate Variations!  Check them out here!


Did we miss something? or have any aditional info about where one of the specific Faceplate comes from,  send us the info and we`ll come back within a day!


2 Mystery consoles, from Evangelion

So Here are 2 very mysterious consoles we got without any information!

The Nintendo DS Evangelion Edition, and Later we found the Nintendo DS Lite Evangelion Edition from a completely different website!


Both no source/how many made, just the pictures.  if anyone knows there they came from,  please let us know and we would love to know the information! :)


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Another Xbox 360 on the site! Yammer!

This is a little more mysterious but we know 100% it's legit!

This is the Xbox 360 from Yammer!


Only 2 are known, this one, and the other is displayed at an Microsoft Office!

If you have any more information, please let us know =)


Thanks to this Xbox 360 we have 286 Xbox 360 systems on the site! Only on CV!

Want to see our Xbox 360 variations? Go to our Xbox 360 Console Variation page!


Consolevariations has a new trailer!

Or we wish....

anyways this is the best looking thing we have found in a while!!!



We have a new console added to the site ! The Xbox One BING edition !

This console is only 10 MADE in the world , you had to apply for a contest on "Bing ads" website.
This extremely rare system comes with a custom controller green&grey colors.
The system was customize by COLORWARE .

Please check out our 118 XBOX ONE variations! on :


The Atari 2600 from Brazil!

This is a picture you don`t see often! This is a Atari 2600 Darth Vader Edition from Brazil!

It is bundled with "an adventure game" but it does not say which one! Also it came with 2 Atari Joypads!


New Console added! The Nintendo 3DS Sunday Night Editon!

2 posts before was you to guess which console it was that we uploaded!

Well here it is.. It's a Nintendo 3DS Sunday Night Football Edition from the NFL!


Given away at the NFL 2011,  and unfortunately we don`t have much info about this system.. If you do please let us know!


Thanks to this console we have more then 30 Nintendo 3DS consoles on CV! Check out our

Nintendo 3DS Console Variation page!


New Console added! Which one?!

We have another amazing console for you on Console Variations! This is a very special one from the NFL 2011,


Can you guess what console this is? Tomorrow will be the answer!


New console added! The Mega Drive Jump!

So we first thought this was a custom, but after some research is seems like this really is a limited edition console! We have seen 3 in total and one of the owners gave us permission to use

this picture on CV!


We are currently investigating how to obtain this, but there is a big possibility that you could win this in the Shonen Jump magazine in Japan.


Want to know how many different kind of Mega Drive systems there are? Check out all

the Mega Drive Variations!


New console added! The Nintendo 3DS Purple Edition!

Unlike the Orange 3DS Did you know that there was another Nintendo 3DS going to be released in Purple color? This console never made the market but there was one variation at the E3 2010!


Wanna see all the Nintendo 3 DS consoles? Check out all the console variations!


Xbox EA Live Thanks Edition

Xbox EA Live Thanks Edition


Quick Facts:

-Console from North America

- 500 made

- White colored console with 'AE Special Edition' printed on the front.

- Given to members of the EA team as a present from Microsoft


New PS4 added! Gold and Crystal

We have a new console added to the site! The PlayStation 4 Gold and Crystal!


To Celebrate the opening long wait House of Art in Prague (Czech Republic) they are running an auction on the Czech Design Week. This is a one-of-a-kind Console and it will be auctioned for charity,


and yes, the gold is 24 Karat.


Thanks to this console we now have 41 Unique PlayStation 4 consoles on the site, click here to see them all!


According to the creator of the system, it has 6,000 Czech crystals made by Preciosa and the console is lined by 50 golden plates of 24-carat gold.


New PlayStation 1 Added! the PlayStation Team Jordan

Yup, we have a new PlayStation added to the site! The PlayStation Team Jordan Edition!


To mark the release of Formula 1 '97, Psygnosis has teamed up with the Jordan Formula 1 team to produce some exclusive limited-edition merchandise, including a specially customized PlayStation, sprayed by Jordan in their team colors, which you have a chance to win.


The first prize is a specially customized PlayStation, sprayed in the Jordan colours by the Jordan team. This is an unpurchasable collector's item. Second prize is an exclusive F1 '97 mountain bike, again sprayed in the Jordan colors. Third prize is a limited-edition Jordan/Formula 1 T-shirt and a copy of "Formula 1 '97" in the PlayStation format (first and second prize winners will also receive a copy of "Formula 1 '97" and a T-shirt). Ten runners-up will win a copy of "Formula 1 '97".


Thanks to this console we have 10 unique PlayStation 1 consoles on the site! Check it out here


and guess what This item is for sale on ebay!  Check it out on


Xbox One Skyrim Edition

On eBay there is a special Xbox One for sale to help raise funds for a special someone who is very ill.


This Xbox One Skyrim Edition where 20 made in the world. and this is a one of a kind because it's signed by Todd Howard (Game Developer within the Fallout and The Elder Scrolls series)

He also signed the Skyrim game that came with it.


Any money this item makes will go towards making my wifes dream come true before she is
too ill, any money above and beyond looking after Paola will be split between three of 
her favourite charities Animal Lifeline UK, Wildlife SOS and Vet Ranch.
For anyone who wants to know more about Paola's illness, how this all came about or
to donate here is the link.

Bethesda themselves gave this system to the seller adamantium to help raising money for his ill wife. We hope she and her family will be healthy soon!


The auction is on ebay :




PlayStation 2 Automotive Edition

PlayStation 2 Automotive Edition: Light Yellow
Quick Facts:
- Console released World wide
- 2000 made for each color
- Yellow colored console
- Given Away to Celebrate the 20 millionth Unit sold of the PS2
- Was also possible to buy all 5 colors at ones for 250.000 yen.


Below is one of the ads where you could win one,

the colors you could win are:

Light Yellow, Metallic Silver,Snow White (aka Ceramic white), Super Red and Astral Blue


Sega Mega Drive Challange Pack

The Sega Mega Drive Challenge pack is a special one!


This set was only available during the Only available from Sega's Pirate TV channel!

the bundle contains 2 controller, Streets of Rage, Shinobi and Golden axe!


Sega TV was a European advertising campaign used by Sega during the early 1990s. It was a mock pirate television station, which among showing bizarre films and shows frequently advertised the Sega Mega Drive, Sega Mega-CD and Sega 32X. It is considered by many to have been quite a successful campaign, being the European equivalent of Segata Sanshiro or the Sega Scream. Sega TV should not be confused with Sega Channel, a real television channel promoted by Sega.