The pink PSP that costs $650 US Dollars in Japan

AKB48 (pronounced A.K.B. Forty-eight) is a Japanese idol girl group named after the Akihabara (Akiba for short) area in Tokyo, where the group's theater is located. The group has expanded since then to include over 130 members as of December 2015, aged from their early teens to their mid-20s

Hardcore AKB48 fans were treated to an early Christmas in 2010 with the launch of the first video game featuring all 48 members Released for the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)

The game had different cover variations, a limited edition and a First Press Edition that was only a pre-order and it was sold out very quickly, we will be talking about this further in the post.


There is a “Premier Special Pack” that includes everything in the first press box with the addition of a pink AKB48 PSP and 48 separate “kiss mark” battery covers, one for each member. The Premier Special Pack is probably an option for only the most obsessive AKB48 fans, who must own everything to do with the group. It doesn’t come cheap, with the package going for more than twice the price of a normal PSP. But even before it was released most boxes were immediately snatched up through pre-orders. YesAsia took this opportunity to mark them up to $650 each.

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4 new PlayStation 4 systems added! from Yakuza, Destiny Warriors and Kingdom Hearts!

2 New PS4 Slim systems has been announced from Yakuza: Kiwami 2!

They both comes with the game and their own theme.

They will be released on December 7th, 2017.


We already have them on our PlayStation 4 Slim Variation page!

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N64 Funtastic Suitcase surfaced!

Today we have something really special for all of you. A few weeks ago our friends over at Retrokram got hold of an extremely rare Nintendo 64 item. Their Admin was kind enough to send us some detailed pictures of this one of a kind item.



We would like to present the “Nintendo 64 Funtastic Series Suitcase”


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The Sega Saturn Prototypes are discovered and for sale!

These Saturn on top are two prototypes  that were sent from Sega Japan to both, European and USA headquartes in order to decide the final shape of the final model.

As it can be seen, the model on the right  looks a lot like the final shape that the final model has.

The unit on the left however looks more like the original Mega CD2, and the rare Multimega that combined Megadrive-Genesis and Sega Mega CD. As it can be seen in the video (that is linked below) and the pictures, it has big door open button, a defined blue power button and a red led that show the word indicator probably for reading purposes.


due personal reasons, the owner is selling them on ebay!


more details about the units:

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Why are these N64 controllers so rare?

In this post we will look at some very rare N64 Controllers and try to explain what makes them so scarce and valuable. We will also talk about values in terms of actual selling prices.


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$4k Gold Plated Xbox Christmas Decorations

Microsoft sure are feeling extra this festive season, so much so they’ve decided to give away gold plated Xbox Christmas ornaments to hang from your tree!

But there’s something for everyone, assuming you’re in the market for an Xbox One S. If you buy the console or an associated bundle from Thursday the 23rd of November at the Flagship Microsoft Store on Pitt Street in Sydney, you’ll cop a limited edition Xbox holiday ornament.


These particular ornaments are designed and colored like the actual console and controller. check them out below

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Contest! Guess how many green Xbox consoles are there?!

STOP SCROLLING! This is a quiz!  you Remember the Xbox system from 2001?!

Well, can you guess how many green Xbox systems are there?!  for every common you get 1 point.

for every rare console you get 2 points! there is even an extra and if you have guessed that system you will get 3 points!


Now Guess.!


See all the answers below!   V V V V V V V V V V 

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Nintendo DS Lite: Guitar Hero Edition!

First of all.. How did we not see this after a year!


Here are 2  Nintendo DS Lite Guitar Hero Editions,  one black/white and one color..  and no, these pictures are not the same system.. but colorized in 2007... these are actually 2 consoles!



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The PSP 3000 *Insert long name here*

you are high likely wondering 'What is the 'insert long name here' doing here' .. well this is because this PSP is named The Sony PSP Uta No * Prince-Sama: All Star (Prelude Symphony Pack)!


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New Xbox one S Added from Sprite!

We have a new Xbox one S on the site! A very special one from Sprite!


It was a Sweepstakes from 'Hello World' and 14 lucky winners would receive this beautiful system

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Already a one-of-a-kind Xbox One X released!

Celebrity; Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has recieved a one-of-a-kind Xbox one X from Microsoft

to donate to Make A Wish kids!


The console has a bull on it that represents the logo of "The Rock" and it also has the following on it:



On the controller it is saying"DWAYNE JOHNSON" and as a cherry on top. the D-pad is in gold as well.


Thanks to a fan who mentioned us on social media!


Thanks to this console we have over 125 different Xbox One systems on the site!

Check them out here!


Happy 1000th-Pokemon-Episode! Let's Celebrate with a Rare Pikachu Console!

Hi everyone, tomorrow would be a special day, something about your childhood! It s gonna be the 1000th episode of the Pokemon anime series and on CV we have thought that would be a perfect timing to talk about a very rare Pokémon console that is owned by Pokemaniak Collection!


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