New consoles added: PS4 Slim and Xbox One S from NHL 2018

EA Sports are giving away a lot of custom consoles to promote their new NHL 2018 games for Xbox One S and PS4 Slim!


All are able to win on the EASports main website. and they both are One-of-a-kind

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Top 5 most beautiful Dreamcast Consoles

In the last few days, Microsoft and Sony got alot of attention due all the sweepstakes that was going on,

so to make it up to the Sega fans, here are the top 5 best looking Dreamcast Variations we have!


Our ranking is not only based on the looks of the console, but also the controller and the box!


Let's get started:

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New Xbox One added! The Chainsmokers Edition!

Microsoft has announced the first console in a series of one of a kind Xbox One S systems which are specially designed for certain celebrities and brands. The console being revealed today is designed for the DJ duo, The Chainsmokers, and it comes complete with custom lights and more.

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Renault Sport Formula One Custom Xbox One S Console

This console features the same yellow and black design included on the Renault Sport Formula One car. It’s also crafted with race grade materials, in anticipation of the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas on October 20-22. Cyril Abiteboul, Managing Director of Renault Formula One Team. remarked on the console, and Microsoft’s partnership with the team:


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Now on CV! Xbox One S, Xbox One X, PS4 Slim and PS4 pro variations!

We have something exiting for you now! Every day we get new consoles and controllers on the site, so we have to change some things around! We had over 150 Ps4 and Xbox One console variations in total. and to have them all piled up is not really that helpful when finding the right console.. So!..

Due high demand we made a few changes in our Sony and Microsoft page!


On the Microsoft page, we have added the following:


Xbox One S:

Xbox One S Console Variations

Xbox One S Controller Variations

Xbox One S Packaging Variations


Xbox One X:

Xbox One X Console Variations

Xbox One X Controller Variations

Xbox One X Packaging Variations


and from Sony we have:


PlayStation 4 Slim:

PlayStation 4 Slim Console Variations

PlayStation 4 Slim Controller Variations

PlayStation 4 Slim Packaging Variations


PlayStation 4 Pro:

PlayStation 4 Pro Console Variations

PlayStation 4 Pro Controller Variations

PlayStation 4 Pro Packaging Variations


The Controller variation page are ONLY the newer models controllers released by Sony and Microsoft


Be sure to check them all out! any questions, suggestions, mistakes, or do you have consoles we don`t have on the site? Submit them to us on our 'Help Us' page! And be on our Special Thanks page!



Xbox One Controller: E3 VS Gamecom 2017

You high likely remember that on Gamescon 2017 and the E3 2017, Microsoft made a limited edition Controller that you could make in their DesignLab! 

On the E3, 1000 controllers where made. and the Gamescom 3000!


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The PlayStation 4 Bruce Lee Edition

Back in 2014 Retired boxer Mike Tyson is giving away a yellow, Bruce Lee-inspired Limited Edition PS4 on his Facebook page, along with a copy of EA SPORTS UFC.

Not one to follow the rules, Tyson must be unaware of Facebook’s policy over competition giveaways, which states that you cannot run competitions via your own personal timeline. Either that or he's classed as a business who are allowed to post competitions that encourage users to 'Like' and 'Share'.

Nevertheless, the prize is pretty cool. Who wouldn’t want a win a yellow PS4?


We have a different picture on our console variations page,  but here is the official Facebook Post:

The Facebook post had over 88 Thousand likes, and more then 25 thousand shares.

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Top 5 Mega Drive Packaging Variations!

We had alot of Sony and Xbox variations and no attention to Sega..

Let's change that!


Below we have our manually selected of the top 5 best Mega Drive Package Variation boxes!

On this top 5 we are looking at the art, the bundles, the quality on how it's made and what is included!


Next week we will have the top 5 of  other consoles to show


Let's get started:

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