Today it is quite special !!

This is one of the rarest or THE rarest Nintendo GameCube and GBA SP we can find that are originally from Nintendo!


Let me introduce the system and the story behind it...


Nintendo France created (ordered it from a company) this wonderful system for the released of the game Metroïd prime 2 : ECHOES and specifically for a French website which organized a contest for it ! 

Back in 2005 between the 6th and 27th of february , you had multiple ways to win this prize.


here is the full list of the prizes :

- 1 GameCube Metroïd edition 

- 1 Game Boy Advance SP Metroïd edition

- 10 games of Metroïd prime 2 : ECHOES 


- Here you can see the both Metroïd systems

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Xbox 360 - Battlefield 3 VIP Suitecase

Battlefield fans, Look at this! This is an Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 VIP kit!


In 2011, there where several contests by EA Partnering with NBA. You where are to win it when purchasing a VIP ticket for one of the Football tickets!  there were 50 systems made in total!


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Sony Announced 3 New PlayStation 4 Controllers!

They are in the colors of  Red, Clear, and Blue!

The clear controller was actually already released, so what is the difference? we`ll take a closer look!

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