Sonic the Hedgehog 10th anniversary Dreamcast

Let us begin with thanking Sega Anthology for these amazing high quality pictures of his Dreamcast!


The Sega Dreamcast.. one of the most iconic Sega consoles ever created. It did not do so well with the competitors but it was a beauty to look at, and it had the most coolest looking games and accessories.


A lot of limited editions where release as well, in all the colors you can think of and even very rare editions.  one of the rarest (and coolest looking)  is the Sonic 10th anniversary Dreamcast!

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a 24K gold Xbox one X discovered, and for sale!

f you’re an Xbox fan looking for a truly rare collectible, Microsoft had the chance to win a 24-karat gold-plated Project Scorpio Edition Xbox One X.

To win the extravagant console, all you have to do is keep playing games like you normally would each month, but you’ll have to have a Game Pass subscription in order to be eligible. By being a Game Pass member and playing the games the subscription offers, you’ll earn a couple of different rewards automatically, the last reward being the chance to win the legendary Xbox One X.


Now, sometimes, these prices are too good to be true, 24K golden Xbox one X? nah...


untill one lucky owner recieved it and he made an awesome unboxing video!

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