Sonic the Hedgehog 10th anniversary Dreamcast

Let us begin with thanking Sega Anthology for these amazing high quality pictures of his Dreamcast!


The Sega Dreamcast.. one of the most iconic Sega consoles ever created. It did not do so well with the competitors but it was a beauty to look at, and it had the most coolest looking games and accessories.


A lot of limited editions where release as well, in all the colors you can think of and even very rare editions.  one of the rarest (and coolest looking)  is the Sonic 10th anniversary Dreamcast!

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a 24K gold Xbox one X discovered, and for sale!

f you’re an Xbox fan looking for a truly rare collectible, Microsoft had the chance to win a 24-karat gold-plated Project Scorpio Edition Xbox One X.

To win the extravagant console, all you have to do is keep playing games like you normally would each month, but you’ll have to have a Game Pass subscription in order to be eligible. By being a Game Pass member and playing the games the subscription offers, you’ll earn a couple of different rewards automatically, the last reward being the chance to win the legendary Xbox One X.


Now, sometimes, these prices are too good to be true, 24K golden Xbox one X? nah...


untill one lucky owner recieved it and he made an awesome unboxing video!

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a New Xbox One added from Aape!

It's been a while since we had some blog posts. We have been busy with a massive project and unfortunately we did not had time for some 'daily news'


Now, here is something special.  Back in January 2015 when the Xbox launches in China, the store Aape had a competition that, if you bought any product from the Aape store, you had the chance to win this one-of-a-kind Xbox one, a matching controller, and the large controller in the back is actually a handbag!


We have 4 more pictures below:


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The Legend of Zelda series are turning 31 today!

is turning 31 today!



To celebreate this 31st anniversary, lets pick out the 10 best looking box variations that was bundled with, the Legend of Zelda!

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PlayStation 1 Formula 1 Team JORDAN

Hi , it's been a while without a Blog post and we will talk about a very rare system !


We just found recently an auction on ebay and the seller was the Product Manager of the F1 series !

The system was released in 1997 for the game Formula 97' and only 20 made in the world which make this console one of the rarest of the Playstation 1 systems !


Here is a quote of the description of the auction still on going  !


"'I was the Product Manager/Product Development Manager for all the F1 games from 'Formula 1' that went out with the launch of PS1 through to the subsequent games from Electronic Arts. I worked for Psygnosis Sony and EA. I dealt with the FOA and all the teams to market the game worldwide with my managers in the different territories. I commissioned the Jordan branded PlayStations and there were different designs. The buzzin hornets were part of their branding. It came at a time when tobacco branding was limited at some races so buzzin hedges was used.'


I was the Product Manager for the PlayStation game F1 97 and commissioned a small batch of limited edition PlayStation 1 Jordan GP yellow consoles. We were working with the team at the time to promote the launch. I was allowed to keep one and I've had this stored away for over 20 years. It's never been used. I don't have any of the other items such as lead controllers etc as these were used at the time on another plain console."


The console is brand new and yellow colored with " Jordan Grand Prix " written on it !


here is the link of the auction :



The Nintendo 64 ANA Edition – All you need to know!

Here on we are passionate about every variation there is. But once in a while a console catches our attention with a story so unique, we just have to write about it. One of these exotic consoles is the Nintendo 64 ANA Edition. Why is it so rare? How could you obtain it? We will try to answer all the questions here.


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Big changes coming up this year!

Hi everyone,


Lately, we did not post anything on our blog post, but we did this for a reason. we are working on some huge changes on the website. A ton of features will be added and the site will even be more easy to use! so stay tuned!


All our staff members have a lot on their mind in personal life and work, so for now we only have pictures on our amazing Facebook page! When things have calmed down then we will write some amazing stories for you.


If you have any questions/comments or want to support us, let us know on Facebook chat or send us an e-mail at!


See you there !



a New xbox one X added from Smartoys! from PUBG!

Player Unknown's Battleground. one of the most hyped games of this generation,  Belgium store Smartoys has a announced a post to win a one-of-a-kind Xbox one X system by liking/commenting/sharing their Facebook post and a bunch of other stuff.


We asked some more pictures and we got them! Below is the original post

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leafs, leafs and more leafs! PS4 slim Sweepstakes by EA Sports

You might remember this post from last year regarding the 5 consoles that you where able to win on EA-Sports official website,


Now they have another ps4 slim to give away!  This one if from Team Canada!

As you can see on the picture (below) this system has tons of the Canadian leafs on them .


The prize contains this console and a matching controller and 2 Hockey Canada jerseys!


This is our 26th PlayStation 4 Slim console on the site! Here are all the systems in one place, only on Consolevariations!



Good evening everyone!

Today we're gonna talk about two systems from a very famous game !


Gamespot, a famous website, teamed up with BETHESDA and created 1 Xbox One S and 1 PS4 Pro

one of a kind with a contest on their website!


15 prizes could be won but only 1 of each system which make them very rare !!

Winners are on the website ( link below ) and must be very happy and proud to owe those beauty !


You can of course check the Xbox One S variation's page for further informations


And the PS4 Pro variations


Have a nice evening !