Consolevariations has been around for almost 3 years now, and we have been quite global!

Below you read all the pages where we are mentioned in big news stories or other blogs. check them out!


16-12-2018 -  Hard4Games!

YouTube channel Hard4Games has interviews us regarding how Consolevariations helps getting the rarest consoles on track and provide new information! We also talked about the Golden Royal Wii, designed for the Royal Family by THQ, the Randnet farewell letter, the Rare Replay XBox One, and more click here to see everything!


10-08-2018 -  The Verge!

The Verge announced the 500 Million PlayStation Edition on there site! and they mentioned us when they compared this console to the Nintendo 64 because of this clear-blue color! Read their full story here!


03-07-2018 -  Destructoid!

Gaming website Destructoid announced in this post that 3 new Nintendo 2DS XL consoles are coming! They mentioned us that 2 decades ago Nintendo was also creative with colors like the Gameboy Color systems. You can read their full story here!


11-05-2018 -  Did you Know Gaming!

DYKG (Did You Know Gaming)  released a video of the Golden Wii that is owned by one of our admins of Consolevariations! you can see the whole video here!


11-05-2018 -  "Kotaku"!

Gaming blog Kotaku was talking about that modders are re-inventing the Game Boy! , They mentioned us while talking about how many different colors systems there are. Read the full story here!


04-04-2018 - Game Informer

Here is a nice post about a guide to Collecting Video Games, here we are mentioned when they talk about where to find information about the consoles and other special edition systems! the page also features some other tips and tricks about collecting
Read the full story here!


31-03-2018 - Retro Kram!

German retro/stuff website Retro Kram has interviewed one of consolevariations it's admins to talk about the rarities of consoles!  Read the full story here!


18-03-2018 - Click on Detroit

Local news website Click On Detroit mentioned us when talking about Sony buying PS3 consoles from the buyers! They told the viewers some special or limited editions versions they have to check!

Read the full story here!


16-09-17 - "Kotaku"!

Gaming blog Kotaku was talking about the Weird Limited Edition consoles, and ofcourse we had to be on there! our mention and credits where added to the Gamecube MTV Edition!

You can read the full story here!


08-09-2017 - Game Tyrant!

Gaming blog page Game Tyrant wanted to post the top 5 coolest Nintendo 64 console variations, who else to ask about them better then consolevariations! they made a good choice picking those consoles, you can read the full story here!


31-07-2017 - Meio Bit!

Also Meio Bit reported our successful blogs about the 'man with a thousand famicoms'

It was one of the most populair gaming post of Brazil! you can read the full story here!


28-07-2017 - Tech Toy!

One of our most successful blogs about the 'man with a thousand famicoms' caused a hype and was shared on the official Tech Toy blog page! it's in portugese but you can read

the full story here!


28-11-2016 - Dreamcast Junkyard!

The home of the Dreamcast news and games, they were writing about the Coca Cola Dreamcast and they mentioned us right in the center of it! Read the full story here