XBOX ONE Console Variations

Current Count: 116

VERY limited editions / Giveaways / Prizes :

Xbox One S: 43einhalb Edition

Quick Facts:

- Console released in Germany
- 1 made
- Contest at Laced Up, a sneaker con in Germany
The "43" is for 43einhalb, a sneaker store in Fulda.

- bundled with a custom suitcase, 2 controllers and 1 pair of the new Atmos x Air Max 1 "Elephants" sneakers

Xbox One S: Final Fantasy XV Edition

Quick Facts:

- Console released World Wide

- Unique designed console (still pending on final releases)

- 1 made for each model

- Available to win when pre-ordering the game

- The more early you pre-order the more chance you have to win.

- These systems will be won at a second prize, the first prize is an Home Entertainment Center with a 9.1 speaker set

Xbox One S: Forza Horizon 3

Quick Facts:

- Console from Germany/France
- 3 made
- Contest from Facebook. Like/ and comment who your rival is to participate

- Given away to celebrate the release of Forza Horizon 3

- The German edition is based on an Audi R8

- The France model is based on a Ford Mustang

Xbox One S: Forza Horizon 3

Quick Facts:

- Console from Australia
- 1 made
- To enter, grab yourself a copy of Forza Horizon 3 between Sept 27 and Oct 2 at Microsoft’s flagship store store in Sidney’s Pitt St or online.

- This Xbox One model is based off the Lamborghini Centenario

Xbox One S: NFL Edition

Quick Facts:

- Console released in North America

- 1 made for each model (Total of 32 made)

- 32 made was based on the 32 NFL teams in North America

-Here is how to have obtained them:

-Head to the promo website and vote for your favorite console
-Click to enter through your Xbox 360 or Xbox One dashboard
Follow @Xbox and RT the Madden NFL 17 #XboxSweepstakes Tweets

Xbox One S: PAX Sweeptakes

Quick Facts:

- Console from North America
- 1 made (from each design)
 -On Site:  Snap and share a photo of your favorite or all of the consoles and hashtag #XboxPAXSweepstakes on Twitter or Instagram. At Home: Retweet @Xbox’s #XboxPAXSweepstakes post OR Opt in with our Xbox Live account. The Xbox One S consoles feature designs inspired by Gears of War 4, Halo Wars 2, Forza Horizon 3, Dead Rising 4, ReCore, Sea of Thieves, Battlefield 1, and Final Fantasy XV.

Xbox One S: Recore Edition

Quick Facts:

- Console from Europe

- Yellow colored Console with Recore elements

- 1 made

- Like to win on the official Xbox Facebook Page

- Comes with a matching controller