Game Boy Light

(ゲームボーイカラ Light)


The Game Boy Light was released on April 14, 1998 for ¥6,800 and was only available in Japan. The Game Boy Light is only slightly bigger than the Game Boy Pocket and features an electroluminescent backlight for low-light conditions. It uses 2 AA batteries, which gave it approximately 20 hours with the light off and 12 with it on.


It was available in two standard colors, gold and silver, as well as numerous special editions - an Astro Boy edition with a clear case with an Astro Boy picture on it, an Osamu Tezuka World edition with a clear red case and a picture of his characters, a solid yellow Pokémon Center Tokyo version, a clear 'skeleton' Famitsu edition which had only 5,000 units released, and a clear yellow edition.


Source: Wikipedia

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