Game & Watch box variations

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Box Variations from Asia

Here is where it all started.

Box Variations From NOA

NOA stands for Nintendo Of America, they were distributing the Game & Watch consoles for North America

J.i21 boxes (French)

J.i21 stands for "Jeux et Images du 21e siècle", which is french for "games and pictures from the 2st century".

tricOtronic Boxes (Germany)

The Game&Watch games where released in Germany with the name tricOtronic.

videopoche boxes (belgium)

The Game&Watch games where released in Belgium with the name Videopoche.

OTOYS/giochi preziosi (Italy)

In Italy, there were two distributors for these games OTOYS and Giochi reziosi OTOYS was in rome/Milanowhile Guici Preziosi distributed to other regions