The Nintendo 2DS



The Nintendo 2DS is a handheld game console developed by Nintendo. Announced in August 2013, the device was released in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand on October 12, 2013 to coincide with the launch of Pokémon X and Y.


The Nintendo 2DS is an entry-level version of the Nintendo 3DS which maintains otherwise identical hardware, similar functionality, and compatibility with software designed for the Nintendo DS and 3DS. However, the 2DS is differentiated by a new slate form factor rather than the clamshell design used by its precursors and by lacking the Nintendo 3DS's signature autostereoscopic 3D display. The 2DS is sold concurrently with existing 3DS models as an incentive to expand the market for Nintendo 3DS games; Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime stated that the 2DS was primarily targeted towards younger players (such as those younger than age 7), whom they had previously advised not to use the 3D functionality on the 3DS due to potential eye health concerns.


Reception to the Nintendo 2DS has been mixed; while Nintendo was praised for how it priced and positioned the 2DS alongside its higher-end counterparts, much of its criticism was directed towards its regressions in comparison to the 3DS, such as a design that some considered less appealing than that of the 3DS, its lower sound quality, and its battery life. However, the 2DS's design was praised by some critics for being more robust and comfortable to hold than the 3DS, especially for its target market. Some critics also felt that the lack of 3D support was an admission by Nintendo that the concept was a fad; however, Nintendo has since stated that autostereoscopic 3D would remain a part of their future plans.


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