Nintendo 64DD History and Promo Material

12-01-1999    -    02-28-2001

Randnet Promo T-shirts

Quick Facts:

These shirts where worn by the Nintendo Staff at the N64DD booth where they were going to promote the N64DD which was going to be launched in December 1999.

Nintendo 64DD Retail version

Quick Facts:

On December 1, 1999 the N64DD was available in the Sofmap stores later in other stores but not many (is known) It came with a free expansion pak.

In the wake of Doshin the Giant (Doshin the Giant)  (巨人のドシン1)

Quick Facts:

On December 1, 1999 There were 2 launch titles: The Wake of Doshin the Giant (aka: Doshin the Giant)  and Mario Paint: Studio.   Both became a 'success'  and Doshin was suppose to be the mascot of N64DD. It became such a success that they had a re-release on the Gamecube,

The outside slipcover of the game is actually a hidden mini poster (showed on the right)

Mario Artist: Paint Studio

(マリオアーティスト ペイントスタジオ)

Quick Facts:

On December 1, 1999 There were 2 launch titles: The Wake of Doshin the Giant (aka: Doshin the Giant)  and Mario Artist: Paint Studio. Allowed you to do much more than you could with Mario Paint. With the 64MB Pack and Pocket Camera, you could add yourself to your creations and edit them in many colorful ways.

Doshin Sample cart

Quick Facts:

In stores there was demo disk of the N64DD called the "Doshin Sample" This was a demo NFR cart of Doshin the giant only available in stores to play, this game did not had the function to save or load, it resets when you reset the N64DD. It did however had a section where you could look at screenshots and other cut scenes

Randnet application form

Quick Facts:

right before Christmas you could be a member of the online subscription of Randnet trough stores. Instead of online. you`ll get monthly newsletters/flyers and entries for some giveaway prices. That all for 2500 yen a month. What a bargain!

Randnet Stickers.

Quick Facts:

They were Randnet giveaways through the subscription. Each sticker represents a helpful character/icon from the Randnet program menu(s).

Randnet membership card

Quick Facts:

Right after you got yourself a subscription of Randnet you get this card, on here are the accounts that where used on your description. Also contact info is on there if you needed support from Randnet

Doshin the Giant Official Guide

Quick Facts:

This full colored book guide was released at 1600 yen from Media Factory. But when you signed up for the monthly subscription of Randnet, you get one for free

Doshin T-shirts

Quick Facts:

Found in the Doshin the Giant Fan book, no info about if this was ever for sale.

Randnet subscription Newsletters

Quick Facts:

These where the newsletters that you`ll get when you was a subscription at Randnet, the 1st issue was released in  December 11, 1999,  but unfortunately they stopped given them out and the last newsletter was on September 12, 2000

Doshin OST

Quick Facts:

Randnet released an OST (Original Sound Track) for Doshin the Giant, it was for sale for 2200 yen in the Media Factory store, 15 songs where on there and all written and played by Tatsuhiko Asano, (Except on Track #9, that was Hiroshi Masuyama) even now it might be still available in some shops

Randnet Christmas Cards

Quick Facts:

Randnet has send 2 different Christmas cards to there subscribers  from the year 1999 and 2000. (translators needed)

Doshin the Giant Fan book

Quick Facts:

This full colored book was released at 1800 yens on the start of January 2000,  it is full with fanarts, interviews and store promo material

Randnet Starter Kit

Quick Facts:

On January 2000 the N64DD was available online at  for the price of 30,000 yen. You`ll get a 1 year subscription of Randnet to go online, monthly newsletters/flyers/ and free games, after this launch they stopped selling the Retail version

Randnet Keyboard

Quick Facts:

To make the browsing and typing more easy for Randnet, they released (together with  Nintendo) a Keyboard that you could connect to your Nintendo 64  some stickers where included that represent the controller it's buttons that you could stick on the keyboard

Randnet Disk


Quick Facts:

On February 23, 2000  The Randnet Disk  was released and it was bundled with the Randnet Starter Kit. The Randnet disk was the disk you need to go online, check emails, go on internet and so on. You do need a modem to make it work but that was included with the Randnet Starter Kit. Later they figured out there was a software bug inside. so subscribers could have a free copy of this disk, that disk has a blue dot on it to see a difference.

Mario Artist: Talent Studio

(マリオアーティスト タレントスタジオ)

Quick Facts:

February 23  2000, 2 more games where released!  Mario Artist Talent Studio, SimCity 64, and the Randnet disk. Mario Artist was pretty much a movie maker. you could use the Capture Cartridge or the GameBoy Camera with Transfer Pack to put your face on a variety of character models, and make movies or 3d models then you would be able to share it to your friends or online with Randnet

SimCity 64

Quick Facts:

on the same date as Mario Artist: Talent Studio, SimCity is a nice relaxing game where you need to build and maintain a city and had the possibility to share it over the (Rand)net. Since both Mario Artist Paint Studio was available first, it allowed to draw animation sequences that you could export to Sim City 64. Your character could walk around the city you built

Doshin the Giant Art Book

Quick Facts:

on February 20, 2000 The first and only artbook  of Doshin the Giant had a nice yellow slipcover (originally it had a banner with flowers around it as a second banner) This Guide contained a full color . images of the game and more.

Doshin the Giant Newspapers

Quick Facts:

These where the Newspapers that you`ll get every 2 months when you was a subscriber at Randnet, the 1st issue was released in February 23rd 2000,  but unfortunately they stopped given them out and the last newspaper was on July 31, 2000,
The newspapers contained news about Randnet, Doshin, fan-made projects, and fiction made projects by Nintendo.

F-Zero X Expansion Kit
(エフゼロ エックス エクスパンション キット)

Quick Facts:

April 21, 2000 F-Zero X Expantion kit was released,  an Incredible way to boost the sales of the Randnet,  players could create there own track and share it across the world. Some players still play F-zero X with the expansion kit to make the most challenging tracks!

Flyer of  pre-ordering Golf and

Doshin the Giant 2

Quick Facts:

These flyers where in the store for you to take, so you could pre-order Golf 64DD and Doshin the Giant 2.

Golf N6DD

Quick Facts:

May 2, 2000 This game was only available trough phone or via  not in stores. It was a simple golf game but fun to play

Doshin the Giant: Tinkling Toddler Liberation Front! Assemble!

(巨人のドシン解放戦線 チビッコチッコ大集合)

Quick Facts:

May 2, 2000 This game was only available trough phone or via  not in stores and was available for a limited time til end of July. later on they gave away a Bandana to boost the sales

Doshin Hankerchief

Quick Facts:

Only the first 300 preorders of the game Doshin the Giant 2 recieved this high quality handkerchief with the good Doshin on it.

(I actually opened mine up to show you!)

Mario Artist: Communication Kit

(マリオアーティスト コミュニケーションキット)

Quick Facts:

All 3 Mario Artist disks could speak to Randnet, and Randnet could speak to them! You could share art from Paint Studio and Talent Studio with other Randnet members.
And models from Polygon Studio could be printed out from Randnet and be physically put together in real life.

Mario Artist: Polygon Studio

(マリオアーティスト ポリゴンスタジオ)

This game allowed you to render full 3D polygon models and animate them!

Games Delivery set

Quick Facts:

It was possible to purchase all 7 games with a fancy box from It came in a fancy shipping box. what say what was on there.

Randnet Delivery set

Quick Facts:

The Delivery set 4 was a set where you get the 7 games, and a one year subscription. Also came in a fancy shipping box  that say what was on there.They made this to get more members and to increase the sales of the N64DD

Randnet Delivery set + N64

Quick Facts:

The Delivery set +N64 was a set where you get the 7 games that was released including an Smoke Nintendo 64 that was bundled with it to increase the sales. came in a fancy shipping box that said what was on there

Doshin promo Video

Quick Facts:

A video seen called the "more than giant" was released on August 8, 2000. Production is "UNDERSELL ltd.". List price is 3,980 yen. not many is known or what is on there.

Randnet Disk Bag

Quick Facts:

In stores there was a N64DD Disk bag released by Randnet. (more info not known)

Japan Expo '96 Ticket

Quick Facts:

Doshin 2 promo item representing the Ticket to the Japan Expo ' 96 In the game Doshin the giant 2, the player gets send back in time to 1996 and received a Ticket of the Expo (This is suppose to be the ticket) . There is not so many known how to achieve that ticket, but it was only available at Media Factory

On the back of the ticket is the actual map of the game's "Japan Expo '96"

Doshin the Giant red/yellow shirt

Quick Facts:

On the Doshin about 2 different Doshin Shirts that you could order for 3.333 yen. Not many is known about these shirts

Doshin 2 Bandana

Quick Facts:

Doshin 2 promo item, To boost the sale of Doshin the Giant 2, they gave away these bandannas with every purchase of the game. There is not so many known how to achieve this, but it was only available at Media Factory

Notice of termination of service

Quick Facts:

on December 2000 subscribers got the bad news that Randnet will close down on end of February 2001,


(Need translator to translate letter)

N64DD Mug 

Quick Facts:

After Randnet the decision to close down on the first day of 2001, a "thank you" gift was given out in a lottery has given 50 lucky subscribers to win this mug as a "thank you" gift. characters who has appeared on the mug are all the avatars you could choose on the online Randnet network

Farewell letter

Quick Facts:

At the end of the N64DD's life spawn, on February 28, 2001 a Farwell letter was given out to all members that was subscribed to Randnet. The big letters say "Thank you & Goodbye - Randet" and all the side messages where the members that were writing there goodbyes to the Randnet service.