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Nintendo Switch: Labo Edition

Quick Facts:

- Console released in North America and Europe

- 3 Made 

-Color is inspired by the card box from Nintendo Labo

- Available to win in US, Canada and Europe by designing and creating a new Labo device

Xbox One: EA Sports FC Chrome

Quick Facts:

- Console from North America
- 1 made
- Chrome coloured console with the EA logo on it

- Sweepstakes during the 14 days of FIFA during the Christmas Holidays

- Console was bundled with Fifa 14 and a chrome controller

Xbox One S: Assassins Greed: Origins

Quick Facts:

- console released in North America

- Assassins Greed themed console with a matching controller

- Prize throughout Microsofts by answering a trivia about the game 

the White version is the Xbox one s

Xbox 360: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Quick Facts:

- Console from IGN
- 1 made
- COD MW2 Themed  console that is signed by the developers of the console,

- Sold for Charity to support the Haiti earthquake back in 2010

- System got sold for US$2,550,00

PlayStation 4 Slim: Days of Play

Quick Facts:

- Console release in North America and Europe
- Blue colored console Sony Elements

- Released for the event of the Days of Play from Sony

- Only the European console will get 2 controllers in the bundle

Sega Dreamcast: Sonic 10th anniversary

Quick Facts:

- Console released in Europe

- 50 made
- This model was produced to celebrate Sonic’s 10th anniversary and given to internal employees and for contests
- 40 of them where signed by Yuji Naka

- Read the full story here!

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